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hello NR people

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ironcannibal, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. i signed up recently but have been using all ur valuable info for years and thought now that im on the road riding full time i should shout out n say hello. i got my first road bike (zzr250) 2 weeks ago and had my first full week of riding in to work this week experiencing everything from dark rainy mornings to sun shining through my clear visor and blinding me. not to mention the drivers with an automatic eye scan for only car shaped objects pulling out in front of me. look forward to learning more and catchin up for a ride eventually. thanks bryan

  2. Hi Bryan, And Welcome, Melbourne in Winter has its challenges to bike riders. :)
  3. Hi Bryan. Welcome to Netrider and enjoy everything that riding and the glorius Melbourne weather will throw at you. Stay safe.
  4. welcome bryan

    melbourne weather is a great teacher :)
  5. thanks fellas
  6. Hi Bryan and welcome to NR. As you are from the west you need to pop in to Monday night coffee at Williamstown and get to meet a few people.
  7. yeah sounds good, ill get down there one monday night, not far from me just up kororiot crk rd
  8. Welcome to the madhouse!