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Hello Ninja!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by KadeO, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Finally picked up my new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300. Picked it up at 3:30 pm and haven't been home since! Such a blast.
    I'll have the introductory offer (seat cowl, fairing guards & windscreen) very soon! May get a new exhaust, but definitely a lot deeper note than I first thought.

    Up until today, I had not seen this model in white, and it is the cats pyjamas! Stoked to be riding finally!

    I'm sure to take more photos when I get off it! :D ImageUploadedByTapatalk1361172454.762139.
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  2. Nice!

    And dude what's with the bullets?!
  3. ...bullets? :|
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  4. I have a Two Bro's slip on on my Ninja 300, has a nice idle and alright aslong as your not sitting on anything over 5k RPM... sounds alright when your flicking through gears at high revs tho.

    Enjoy it!
  5. Been looking at the Two Brothers carbon, reckon it would look superb with the white. I'll probably get one soon, but first I want to get a pillion seat bag & a few other bits and pieces.

    Rode it to work & parked right on the end of the cover, went out at smoko and had to move it back under cover. Can't have the new machine getting wet, can we? :p
  6. What a lovely bike - in WHITE!!! Nice, very nice. :peace:
  7. More pics pls :)
  8. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1361264699.039490. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1361264720.854958. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1361264739.471365.

    Just a few when I got home tonight. Up to 168km so far! Loving this bike! The thing I'm enjoying most is parking up on the footpath just outside the shop I want to head into & not having to pay for parking! Haha.
    But seriously, I'm loving it as a whole. Roundabouts and tight corners are a little edgy for me still, but with practice I will get there. Sunday looks like a day off, so a day on the bike is on the cards. At this rate, I'll have to get the first service done next week!
  9. They handle well through the corners! Got a few good tight corners in town where I live and it just glides through them! Just don't push it to hard like I did on the weekend... Came oh so close to low siding it :nailbiting: I wish there was a track near by...
  10. your closer to Broadford Motorcycle Complex then most riders(give or take 20-30 mins.)
    There always good track days and Race schools. Check out Prestons Motorcycle Club for info. I did a social track day there my 1st and had a blast. Will be doing the race school day for novice on the 14th April
  11. Hmm something must be up with where is says I am... I live 6hrs west of Brisbane...
  12. Ha must be time for me to go to bed for a moment I thought you were the OP
  13. I might head to Broadford at some point soon, though, being the op :p
    Soon, when I get confident enough to spend an hour on the Hume to get there! Would be great fun, though. Probably more worried about scratching shiiiit up at the moment, than anything else. Gotta keep it scratch free for as long as possible :)
  14. Congrats on the bike buddy. So you bought it sight unseen? What if you hated it when you got it?
  15. Not necessarily unseen, just not in white. There was a black model at the time I ordered, and although I didn't love the colour, the whole style was awesome.
    Was pretty confident on the looks in the photos I had seen prior to ordering it. Then, when I picked it up yesterday I was blown away by the colour. I thought it would be less..I dunno.. White? I thought it was more matte, really. But it really pops in the sun as there's metallic flake in there. (Guess that's why they call it "pearl stardust" eh?)
  16. I always noticed that about the newer kwakers the photos never seem to do justice to the bike. Even my ZX I thought the paint was matt black till I saw it in the shop
  17. Probably for the last few years, I reckon (probably discount the ninja 250) otherwise, the colours have been pretty spectacular on the bigger bikes.
  18. Hey Relax where do you live?
  19. A wee little town named Roma in QLD...
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  20. I wished they offered black as a colour for the 2013 636 and ZX10R... But if it was anything like when I first seen the 300 in white I imagine the 636 and 10 both look brilliant in white (I bought a black 300)