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Hello - newbie to netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dunx-HG, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Hi just signed up today - old guy (40s) from Sydney's northwest, riding Yamaha :)

  2. Welcome bud, 40 aint old my man ;)
  3. welcome.

    a Yamaha ...?
  4. Hello, as I've been saying in other welcome threads tonight.

    A bunch of us from around Sydney get together regularly, you're welcome to join us. I'm a not old 40's fella from nearish to you.
  5. 40 years young. Welcome aboard.
  6. Thanks for the welcome - as for bikes, I've had a 00 zx6r and now have a 2011 r1.
  7. Welcome fellow pennant hills rider.
  8. Welcome and early 40s here as well. Just old enough to be junior members of the Ulysses.
  9. Lol yep Pennant hills to Scotland island is pretty near if you're a crow :p
  10. Or if you ride an M109r
  11. Hey 109 yep interested in catching up with some riders as time permits ;)
  12. We're riding to the mountains this weekend. PM me if you are in.
    If not just PM me when you are ready and I'll pull some people together to join us.
  13. Lol yeah or probably even more so on an R1
  14. Damn them r1's look sexy ... saw a gold coloured one at Canungra t'other day ... whoooarh ... girl rider too :) not that I was looking at the rider but the bike looked right nice :cool:
  15. Ill get some pics up soon.
  16. Garage pic loaded ...
  17. Don't you have a girlfriend? ;)
  18. .............. oh, and welcome
  19. Why so ? No pillion seat ?