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Hello Newbie here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Scorpious31, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Hello all, :newb:

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this. :facepalm:

    I guess I should have done this before the last 11 posts But I read a few first and a ladies attitude to life held me in AWE so I had to post a few messages.( I am male by the way)If thats of any consequence.

    I got my licence June 2004 and looked for the right bike untill Sept 2004 where I found my Suzuki GZ250.Had only rode during the good weather untill I felt confident to ride in all now (but not gale winds and T storms).

    At this point in time I am 38

    I am just starting to get really into riding now and cant seem to stay off the thing.

    Reason for this kind of bike (Me is a short arse)and the larger sporty bikes I cant reach the floor,I like both feet to touch the ground.

    I have never rode in groups or even one other person as the only one I knew who rode was unfortunately killed in a car crash when He fell asleep on the way home from nightshift.I ride alone as I can not keep up with the bigger bikes like workmates ride (harleys ect) as this kind of machine is not build for speed but is real comfortable.

    Parents and Wife said No dont get a bike but I decided "its me not them and I make decisions for myself" so any newbies thinking about getting a bike,make the decision one way or the other for "YOU" not others.

    I live on the south coast of the metro area.

    The only gear I have for riding is a Motodry Jacket,ARC helmet and fingerless leather gloves (cool fingers in the winter mornings hehe)

    Any mistakes I have made riding I have had to work out myself as I have no mentor (instructor passed away same month as started riding from heart attack)and I lear as I go so to speak.

    Physically I probably shouldn't be riding due to a battered body from a hit and run many years ago but sod it ,I enjoy it.

    So if your thinking about starting to ride dont be afraid to start ,If I can do it anyone can.

    I think the people here are a good bunch from what I have read,its a shame more are not like that and maybe one day might meet a few of you.
  2. not a bad bike mate. good to learn on.

    welcome aboard also :)

    should tell the guys at work to ride slower so you can tag along and gain experience in group rides. ive only ever rode with one other person but hoping to get my butt to some ride events real soon.

    enjoy the forums mate. and stay safe :)
  3. G'day Scorpiuos, I started riding at 39 so you are starting young!

    There are a lot of netriders around Perth, keep an eye out for coffeee meets rides etc and enjoy!