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Hello Newbie from Lower Dandenong Ranges

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by uncosnail, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Got a Kawasaki Ninja 250R, have had this week off so busy practicing. Still heaps to learn, and I am improving. Hill starts getting easier and not stalling bike as much. Need to get more confident in going around corners. Also need to get used to riding in wind.

    When I first got the bike rode it from Brighton to home, stalled it at the lights and couldn't get it restarted. Then another guy on a bike pulled over and gave me a hand and told me about this forum, would be interested in doing the Learner rides.

  2. hello and welcome its all practice and take your time go at your own pace
  3. thanx I am improving each day I take the bike out.
  4. Welcome to NR, Unco :grin:

    Plenty of help to be found here, lots of reading to be had, and if you're still not sure, don't be shy and just ask :grin:
  5. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Just take it easy at your own pace. Things will fall into place soon enough.
  6. +1 ^^
    Welcome aboard!
    Check the calendar frquently, learner rides come up from time to time.
  7. Hey Uncosnail.

    How's the practice coming along? Know exactly how you feel but it just gets better and better!! I try to get out every second day just for a half hour or so.

    Where bouts r u in the Lwr Dande Ranges? My brother is up at Upwey so I like to take the Belgrave or Lysterfield trip over from Berwick to get up the practice on the soft bends. sat least the motorists arent too pushy!!

    Yell out if u want to vent. Will totally understand!
  8. went and did the learners ride which was really good. Have ridden on the freeways, and also ridden into the city in peak hour. Have also ridden to the front of the queue of cars at the lights. Got abused the other night and didn't even know what I did wrong.

    Am getting really sore wrists so only taking the bike out every 3rd day or so.

    have read up and worked on not holding the handle bars so tightly and am using my knees on the tank instead.

    The hardest part for me is getting the bike on to the main road. :))

    I live on a corner block, I have to get out of my driveway, on to a gravel road which is steep. Have had a few mishaps in taking the corner too wide and slipping on the gravel. Have tried riding across the nature strip which is also on a hill, but this is what the posties do. Thats seems to work better. I live in Upwey. I road from Home to Berwick the other week to a computer swap meet, along Berwick road I think, it was a nice ride. Have also tried the Lysterfield road as well.

    I ride down the mad mile most times. Have tried Morris road as well, some steep corners there.

  9. Also check that your wrists are not at some weird angle to the bar ... ie. your hands are not at 90 degrees to your arm (??) putting unwanted stress and pressure on your wrists ... mine were getting sore too, until I straightened out the wrist angle ... hope the above somehow makes sense :p

    See you sometime again on the L ride??? :)
  10. Good stuff!

    Yeh had the wrist problem initially till I remembered about relaxing and bending my arms and letting my legs take the weight.

    We'll have to meet up and go to the Tuesday night L-Rides when I get Fang back and get off the crutches.
    Will send u a "PM" around that time.

    Enjoy the roads till then
  11. Would like to go on another Learner ride again. Was a lot of fun. Just fitting it into work and everything. So much info on this site to read. Great!!!
  12. Hey uncosnail,

    Thanks for posting that bit about getting stuck at the lights and not being able to restart. I got stuck half over a speed bump today! Stupid noob mistakes. One day we will look back and laugh.
  13. It was on my ride from the shop to home. For some reason it wouldn't start in 1st with clutch in, the guy didn't understand either. We could start a whole thread on silly noob mistakes. Like going to the front of the line up of car and then stalling the bike. :))) and holding everyone up that you have just passed.
  14. Practise makes better

    Fortunately when it comes to riding a motorcycle, there isn't anything more fun than practising
  15. hey mate, wow, there are more and more people in upwey getting bikes eh!
    im an upwegian too :p
    give me a holler (read: PM) if you wanna go for a cruise some time, im more than happy to help you out with anything i can :)
    come along to a Tues night coffee night, meet some of the locals :twisted: