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Hello - Newbe

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Janosh, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone :cool:

    Probably been discussed elsewhere - but I'm looking at my first bike and just wandered what people thought about faring v naked for the 250's?

    I've riden bigger bikes in the past, so don't really want a 250, but i'm still limited for another 5 months :cry:

    I've looked at a FZR250 that I liked, so I'm thinking around those lines....

  2. naked bikes would probably be cheaper to fix if you were to have a stack... wouldn't have to replace fairings and stuff.
  3. Can anyone also tell me whether you can ride a 600 on a track day in Victoria on your P's???

  4. Go for one that looks the goods and feels the goods.

    As for the track days, i think some places will let you if you can show you can competently ride the bike. I know i have gotten into a lot of track days without my license in my car, but i have been driving at them for a while.
  5. Cool - thanks. Just wondering as my mate has an r6 which he's happy to share for the odd trackday... :twisted:
  6. give the track a quick call to see if its ok. Drags and some track stuff would be ok, but i could see a problem if they are having a special event on.
  7. i'm not sure if winton has motorbike track days in victoria? but either way, you're allowed to drive/ride a vehicle on the track as long as you're 16 years old, also you have to sign a weaver or w/ever it's called. no need for a CAMS or any license.