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Hello, newb from Syd Inner West

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Stupendous, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Dropping in to say hello. Just got my Ls, and looking to get a bike to make use of it :)

    Live in the inner west, and hoping to commute to work, roughly 30kms round.

    Too excited!

  2. Welcome.
    Good luck with getting that bike & getting out riding. Hope you have time for fun too... not just commuting.
    Recommend you visit the learners practice sessions (held every Saturday 1pm at Homebush) when you're able. There's a thread about it
  3. welcome.
    How big of the big you plan to get ?
  4. Not sure what you mean here, will just take a guess.

    Haven't decided on which bike to get yet, but have narrowed the list down:

    1) VTR250
    2) Ninja300

    Was hoping they'd have the Z300 released in Oz, but don't think that's happening. I'm a bit on the shorter side, 164cm 60something kg (don't know for sure). The bike's we used for the pre learners was a pretty good height for me CB125E (or something like that).
  5. LOL sorry mate my bad i meant BIKE.
    I'm 173cm. with 66 kg. and found myself on 250 a bit drag so i think 300 should do the better job but I think you have to adjust the ride's height by dropping a few inches of front forks otherwise you will find yourself struggling to stop at traffic light and your feet couldnt reach the ground.
    If you find handling of cb125e comfortable , the bigger bikes from honda are handle quite the same way or even better .
    Honda is easy to ride but in term of power honda is not so great compare to kawasaki.
    Anyway i Iike honda .
  6. ninja's are great learner bikes!! I played on the 300 when my 250 was getting serviced and its a dream! :love:
    They look bigger too so people look twice before realising your even on a low cc bike!
    My vote is on the 300 ;)
  7. Hey thanks guys! Will keep that in mind. Can't wait to check them bikes out! :D
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    Hey welcome mate.

    If I was getting a LAMs bike today it'd probably be BMW 650 GS or one of the Honda CBR500R or 500X or F depending on your tastes.

    The BMW price is probably a bit higher than what you're looking at but the 500R/X/F not so much higher.

    Definitely get along to the Sat Learners practice sessions at Homebush Olympic Park. See the thread on it. It's normally on every Sat at 1pm, there's location instructions etc in the thread.
  9. Welcome!
    Doing that commute every day will definitely help you hone your skills for the MOST.
    That spot at Homebush is also terrific to practise as well.
    Maybe see you there sometime. I still go there to hone the skills from time to time.
  10. Welcome to the road, and to Netrider.

    Anything you can do to accelerate the learning process (Homebush, etc), will help you immensely.....
  11. I took a look at the Ninja 300 ABS at SCM. If I want to put two feet down, I'll be using the balls of my feet on both ends. I could scoot my bum over to one side and I can flat foot on one foot. I did ask about lowering the height, and they say that new bikes will be a bit high, and after a while the height will compress lower on it's own. Is this correct? Or should I just run with standing on the balls of my feet?
  12. That'd be some pretty shonky suspension if it sinks after a few weeks/months. Sounds like typical SCM sales BS.
    If you don't get used to using the bike at it's normal height, you can get lowering kits and/or thinner seats.

    A seat that's thinner at the front will allow you to get more of your foot on the ground as your legs aren't spread so far apart.
  13. Once you get used to it, only reaching with the balls of your feet is perfectly OK.

    You could get yourself a POS 2fiddy first, then get the 300 when your confidence builds. You won't lose much (if any) resale on the POS providing you don't damage it :)

  14. Given the amount of traffic around the inner west, I wouldn't be confident only having part of my foot on the ground, especially in the wet with oil sitting around everywhere. Bikes are heavy, and if your toe slips how are you going to save it?

    Look at other dealers, and talk about lowering kits if you really want one particular bike. If you're not sure what bike you want, get a little thing and thrash it till you break it.
  15. I was on my tiptpoes on the ninja 250 when I first got it - now I can flat foot comfortably. To begin with I picked up a pair of motorcycle boots with a heel so I was more comfortable riding but if your not comfortable doing it that way maybe check out a Honda lams - partners 250r (2011) was much lower than my ninja, not sure if they still are.
  16. You're flat footing on a Street Triple with proper boots? Cool! Sometimes i wish I wasn't so short LOL. Am checking out my options - lowering links/shaving seat/one foot stop and now boots. Thanks much!

    Whilst I know it's not necessary to use both feet at a stop, I have a feeling that it'll be best to be stable at a stop with both feet down, especially for a noob like me. Hoping to hear of other height challenged riders with experience in this matter.
  17. Im 5 ft5 if that puts any perspective on it for you. The heels on the boots are a tall wedge, dririder brand. I hear the taller riders have issues with bikes too since it can get really hunched up for them - if that makes you feel better lol.
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  18. Got the bike delivered yesterday, hoping for some dry weather to take her out and get used to everything. She's taking up the car spot, kicked the car into the guest parking area lol.
  19. If you're not working on Wed... I'm heading for a ride. Leaving at 8am. PM me if you'd like to come along. Prob RNP & beyond