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Hello! Newb from Melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by cjoneill, May 26, 2011.

  1. ello ello!

    It's high time I intro'd.. My name is Connor, from Melbourne (inner eastern) @ 25yrs old + newbie on 2 wheels.

    Well mostly newbie, I attained my L's in Jan which was exciting! and last week picked up my first road bike which was even more exciting! It's a Kwak ZX2Rc '93 model, it's green, mean, and completely awesome.

    I did ride off-road/bush all through my teens though so being on a bike is not new but the whole on-road thing is a new thang. And apparently now I'm commuting too, drove the 'cage' to work Monday = parking fine.. soo Tuesday I rode to work = no fine and way more fun.

    Just wanted to say thanks so much to everybody here as this forum is a wealth of knowledge and has made the whole getting license/gear/bike on the road far less daunting.

    Connor, out.

    ps, thanks for keeping me entertained at work :cool:
  2. G'day Connor and welcome aboard mate.
    Congrats on your recent bike purchase (y)
  3. Welcome mate, checkout some of the learner friendly ride's, great fun.

    Got a pic of your bike?

    GL & Safe riding.
  4. Yeah I think I will tag along on a few of the learner rides once I find the time, no doubt I'll learn a lot and would be great to meet other riders as well since not many of my immediate bro's have bikes.

    and pix, why but of course;

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  5. Welcome to NR. :)

    EDIT: Nice pics...
  6. Welcome on board Connor.
    Entertainment......this site will give you plenty of it :)
  7. Connor, that's a beaut clean looking bike you have mate !
    Congrats !
  8. Connor O'Neill? OK So you are Polish.

    Hi and welcome to NR
  9. Welcome to NR. Stay safe on the road.
  10. Clean looking ninja nice!

  11. Nice pics. Welcome to the forummm. And yeah its way more fun commuting on the bike than the cage.
  12. Hi Connor, welcome to NR. Nice to have another Kawasaki on board :)

  13. Thanks guys,

    and @ GreyBM, i'm so not polish! Irish decent yes, but not polish.. unless of course i just missed the joke, which is entirely possible on a monday morning :-/