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Hello! New rider!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Amila, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. Hi all.

    Don't let my name give you the wrong impression haha. I'm a guy, NOT female lol. I'm a huge fan of cars and now getting to like bikes a lot.

    Just got my licence 3 weeks ago and a new bike 2 weeks ago soon after. (Ninja 300) :D

    Right now I'm just too scared to be out in traffic so now trying to get around the quiet streets to get the hang of the bike. Downshifting while slowing down to a stop is my major problem right now and still working on it. I'm just not smooth enough on the throttle around slow corners. :(

    Here are my two toys: mildly modded 09' 350Z and a Ninja 300. :)

  2. Welcome aboard. New riders tend to lean on the bars a bit making smooth throttle response difficult. You don't have to use your core muscles in the Datsun :)
  3. Lol haha!! True.

    Problem is I'm too tense on the bars, I should be relaxing and have my arms bent and loose. But I tend to straighten them and stiffen it because I try keep an eye on my surroundings and forget my posture on the bike.

    Also i have this weird feeling when leaning a little around corners at like 20km/h, like feeling my tyres would let go but I know it's no where near the limit of traction...

    It's just bloody scary riding but enjoyable at the same time...
  4. Welcome to NR !
  5. Welcome to NR...
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  6. Welcome Amila.
    There's quite a few of us popping up in the eastern burbs.
    Take your time, and when you can get down to one of the learner sessions for some coaching.
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  7. Welcome :)
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  8. welcome aboard :]
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