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Hello new rider from Sydney.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Toms RVF400, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Hi just wanted to introduce my self, name's Thomas but you can call me Tom. I just recently got my L's last week and got me bike this week which is a black and silver RVF400, i've joined this site about a week ago but haven't yet introduce my self. I live out west in St. Clair near Mt. Druit so if you ever see me on my bike give us a nod :grin: Also i love this site has alot of information and safety tips that a new rider like me can learn so keep up the good work guys.

  2. Welcome Tom, this is a great site with a wealth of information for new riders. Keep a lookout for the learner rides, they're very popular.
    Ride safe.
  3. Hey thanks, yea this site has given me a lot of tips that'll help me through out my learning stage. I'll also keep a look out for those learner rides, that would really be interesting.
  4. Welcome Tom !
  5. Hey Tom - welcome! :grin: Jeff used to live in Mt Druitt and I like the Blacktown/MtDruitt/St Clair areas!

    I'm an L Plater too - thinking of going for a ride to Palm Beach with Rybky this Sunday. Either that or the Old Rd. If you're keen let me know and we can go for a ride :grin:

  6. Hi guyz thanks for the warm welcome. Peaches will let you know sometime today as i'm not yet sure on what plans i have for sunday.
  7. Hey Tom,

    I might see you around i live in South St Marys, no bike yet but if i see you around i can give you a beep beep haha =]

  8. Good to see more fellow westies get on board this forum. I look forward to meeting some of you at learner rides etc...

    Safe riding!
  9. Welcome

    Welcome aboard Tom. Stay safe.
  10. Yes i look forward to meeting new faces at the learner rides, so i hope to see you all there sometime soon :grin:
  11. post up some pics of the bike! :)
  12. sup....