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Hello! New member - Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Supergoose, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just got my learners over the weekend and have been told by a friend (who is also a member here) that this is the forum i need to join.

    I'll keep this as brief as possible...

    Currently waiting on my first bike to be serviced at the mechanics (bought it off a mate as it was sitting in his garage for the last 2 years not running). It's a Honda VTR 250.

    I used to work at Southbank and whilst having after work drinks at Bear Brass used to see all these bikes pull up along the yarra on a Friday night, now i know it was Netriders!

    Anyway, I can't wait to get my bike back so I can start riding. I'm sure I'll end up meeting some of you soon.

  2. Welcome aboard mate!
    There's a wealth of knowledge here (as well as plenty of un-knowledge).

    Ride safe!
  3. Welcome Mr Goose.
    Good choice of bike.
    Ride safe and most of all .... enjoy!
  4. Greetings, salutations, and welcome aboard! Hopefully see you on some rides soon!
  5. I don't suppose it's a black VTR and you were riding around bonbeach tonight...?

    Welcome to netrider!
  6. Hi Supergoose and welcome to NR

  7. hi Kha-Khees. Actually it is a black VTR, however I wasnt at bonbeach. unfortunately my bike is still at the mechanics getting fixed up.
  8. Hah ok, saw a newbie wobbling about a little on my way home, I'm looking out for him on here now.

    Which mechanic are you using btw, let me know if they do a decent job, I should really get onto someone about my VTR. Might go PM pete from e2w.
  9. My mate on here, Haksu, highly recommends 60 Degrees Motorcycles in Notting Hill, so we took it there.

    I must admit, i know nothing about bikes or where to get them serivced, but what i do know, is that so far their customer service has been second to none. they opened the shop up after hours just so they could take my bike in and were nothing but super nice about it.

    From what i hear they have a very good rep. here's their url:

  10. Hi Supergoose & welcome aboard bud.
  11. Welcome mate ;-)

    Check out the New Riders & Riding tips section for some great advice & the Vic section of the Ride & Event Announcements, ideally the Saturday morning practices sessions are a great place to start..

    Sixty degrees are very good, they also run some good educational events such as basic bike maintenance & a riding skills one I am doing late in Feb...
  12. Welcome to NR
    Don't forget to buy some decent protective gear, ya hopefully never need it but should the unthinkable happen you will be glad you have it
  13. My mate has a black CBF250 and lives around Bon Beach, his CBF is constantly being mistaken for a VTR oddly enough. Red helmet?
  14. P.S Welcome dude! Hopefully see you on a ride some time!