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Hello New Melb Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by WRCPUG, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Hi Just thought i should introduce myself.
    My name is Alex im 24 and live in melbourne
    Been riding since i was about 12 learnt to ride on a postie bike in my backyard and park next door.
    Had a few postie bikes a Honda XR400R and a Kwaka KLR250
    Used to really love bikes and got my license when i was 17 and rode the XR around on the street.
    Sort of got obssesed with cars after i got my car license and only got my first road bike a year ago.

    Looking forward to going on some bike cruises and meeting some of you guys as the weather is fantastic.

    Bought my bike stock standard last jan and have done the following since

    Akrapovic Carbon Fibre Slip On
    Michelin Pilot Powers
    OGGY KNOBS Frame Sliders
    HH Brake Pads
    DynoJet Stg1 Jet kit (103hp)
    BMC Race Filter
    Renthal Front + Rear Sprocket (520)
    RK Chain
    Custom Made Fender Eliminator
    Small crystal Indicators Front + Rear
    Red Rim Stripes
    Yellow Headlight Film
    Various Stickers removed
    Gearbox freshly rebuilt by Dean at Dynaverx (2nd gear popout problem)

    5 months ago with just an Akrapovic slip on it made 96.7 HP at the wheels.
    After these mods it now makes 103HP at the wheels.


    Some pics from Phillip Island


    and some from winton


    [Edit by Mod: all images changed to links]

  2. Welcome to netrider :grin:

    So where abouts in Aus are ya...???
  3. im from melbourne mate
    work in carlton live in glen iris
  4. Welcome

    LOL OH & a tip ... take a good look @ names, not always obvious but when it is some of us are of the opposite sex .. Right Geordielass
  5. Good call - always loads of group rides going on from somewhere around Melbourne :grin:

    Good friendly bunch of people here too :grin:
  6. Oh yeah very nice toy you have there, & you might want to cull some of those pics down to 3 before a mod does it for you :grin:
  7. Welcome to NR, enjoy! :grin:
  8. With a username like that, you should be riding one of these . . .

  9. Welcome, hope you enjoy the forums
  10. Welcome to the forums, WRC (let me guess, you have a Peugeot??)

    Nice bike and a good set of modifications, and good to see you taking it to the track, too.
  11. Welcome, that's a nice bike. Enjoy the wonderful world of netrider.
  12. Stop net stalking me Alex! :LOL:

    Good to see you here mate.

    Oh its Jamie from eurocca btw. :p
  13. Welcome and good shots too, tho' the PI link didn't work at my end :)
  14. good guess
    yeah thats my username on all other forums so i thought id keep it.

    i have a 306gti6 that ive modded alot (aka wasted alot of $$$) over the years. Its hard to juggle modifying the bike and the car though :(



    Jamie as in BEEMER320 jamie?
    How u been mate i didnt know you had a bike good to see some familar faces round here
  15. welcome to the forums.. And dean at Dynoverks is a gun...
  16. Hi Alex. :wink:
  17. Welcome to road riding and NR Alex :grin:
  18. Welcome Alex and enjoy all NR has to offer :grin: