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Hello, New here .

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by giga, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. I have been in Australia for one and half years and hold an oversea rider license. Since I am working in the city and take train everyday , so still not sure about buying a motorbike or not , and street bike or scooter ?

    ( My wife doesn't support me , and my colleague's brother was recently killed by an motorcycle accident, so none around me can discuss this with me . Hope get help here :)

    BTW ,is it hard to pass MOST road test ?

  2. I'll tell you after tommorow :LOL:.

    And welcome.
  3. Welcome to the forum Giga. The learner test is a piece of cake to pass if you're attentive and focused.

    Just curiously—what country are you from?
  4. You will get plenty of help here giga, welcome to the forum. Cant help you with licence test cos its different here in Vic, but give it a go see if you like it, you might even pass. :wink: Hope your wife comes around. :)
  5. Hi and welcome , the MOST is easy if you have ridden ,its all basic slow 20 kph stuff .

    Come long to a coffee night see "sydney events" and meet the crew and have a chat ,you can get a train their.

    Cheers Sled.
  6. If you already have an OS rider license you should only need to convert it to local and away you go.

    Welcome too.
  7. Hi Giga and welcome to the forum.
  8. Welcome to the forum... you're in good hands here.. this bunch of friendly riders helped me from picking my bike.. to getting my L's - P's so rest assured the advice here is priceless, as for the MOST test.. i did mine exactly one week ago on a sports bike, wasnt the smartest thing ever, just do it on a hired trail bike or CB250 and its a breeze ( from what i saw lol ) good luck mate and welcome again :)
  9. Welcome giga, it's great to continue the international flavour of our forum.

    Like the boys said, come along to a Sydney event and meet and greet, we're quite friendly and lost of the folks hare either about to do the license thing, or have just done it....
  10. I feel good now :)

    Thanks for warm greeting here. Thanks for invitation, but my English is poor, not sure If I can join your discussion .

    How much should I pay for motorcycle annually e.g. rego and CTP....
    except for petrol & maintaince ?

    I was told by RTA since I hold an OS license over one year , if I pass the MOST , will get a full license :p , if NOT, I will start from P :( .

    I used to work in botany , but change to CITY now . Can I park the bike in the city without paying parking ticket ?

    Now I am think of HONDA CBF250 (at least it has a mini oil-cooled system ).
  11. Hi & Welcome

  12. Yeah,,, there is a few spots you can park ,but for the few spots right in the city ,you would need to get the early at a "guess" 8am maybe earlyer .
  13. If the bike is under 300cc, then CTP is about $230.
    If the bike is over 300cc, then CTP is about $590.

    Rego should be about $95 a year. To register a bike each year, you also need to get it inspected by a mechanic. This inspection is called a "pink slip" and costs about $27. That's it.

    So $230 + $95 + $27 if the bike is under 300cc.
    $590 + $95 + $27 if the bike is over 300cc.

    Welcome to Sydney. Where are you from?
  14. welcome giga :)

    if you know how to ride i am sure you will pass the test with flying colors, good luck with it all mate.