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Hello Netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Thommo61, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone. I'm Paul, aka Thommo from Geelong. Recently joined Netrider after being encouraged by a fellow member. My ride is 2001 Red Triumph Sprint. Happy with my Trumpy, but considering a Ducati. Will probably see you on rides in the future. Reteurned to riding recently after a few years break. Still learning like everyone, seriously considering some advanced riding courses. Can anyone recommend anywhere in Victoria? I will give a nod when I see you out riding.

  2. Welcome to Netrider Thommo aka Crusty.

    It's about time you joined now I don't have to send you all the links to all of the funny, interesting and cool stuff on this site or bore you with my stories.

    Bugger the Ducati get a Gixxer.

    Stay safe.

  3. Thanks Louie.
  4. Welcome Paul.

    Get in contact with Sir Skuffy; he's from out your way and he can ride, a bit :LOL:.
  5. Thanks Paul. Have ridden with Sir Skuffy to Lorne one weekend.
  6. Hey Paul, welcome aboard mate..

    Now you know you cant past a ZX14.. :twisted:
  7. Thanks mate I'm excited that I got another post!!!
    A few and I can go private.
  8. Hi Paul. Welcome aboard.
  9. howdy :grin:
  10. Thanks guys, looking forward to upcoming events and organised rides.
  11. Even the disorganised rides are fun.
  12. Gidday Paul,
    It was good to catch up with you on Sunday at the barwon. I hope to go riding with you one day. Anyway catch you later
  13. No worries Wes, shame I couldn't stay any longer but I had prior committments. Sure will ride one day.
  14. Thommo

    You swhould have come on our ride today and had drinks with us at the Barwon, maybe next time.

  15. No worries Lou Lou. Sounds like it was enjoyable and met some new and interesting friends. Next time hopefully the 'toy run'
  16. Welcome Aboard Paul !

  17. Welcome

    Hi ya Paul

    Welcome. All the best with the new bike choice. Check out the 'Streetfighter'??
    May see you along the coast road sometime.

  18. Welcome Paul, enjoy the hm of chaos & gr8 people :wink:
    I'll be lookin out for your Trumpy on my way out to the coast this summer!