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Hello Netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Walkat82, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Hello all,

    My real name is Wal and i ride a Kawka ninja 250r 08 model and from brisbane and i m 25 just got my licence 6 months ago

    I've been coming to this site for about 6 months off and on every so often for information about riding a bike on the road and i had a fatal near miss yesterday with my bike and i would just like to thank you for the guides and website like these as it really did save me from a) slamming into the back of a car and god knows what would of happened and b) wrecking my beloved kawka 250r I be writing in the general forum about what happened.

    Thank you to all those who posted or written those guides cause they really did save me.
  2. Welcome to netrider first off.

    Congrats on avoiding a crash and hurting yourself or your bike.
  3. Welcome to the world Wal and congrats on staying part of it
  4. Welcome Wal !
  5. Thanks all for the warm welcome, could anybody help me with finding a social club that goes for rides on the weekend within brisbane.
  6. Welcome Wal.

    As far as rides go, just keep an eye out on the Rides and Announcements for Banna Bender State.
    Or better still, post one yourself and I am sure you will get a few guys and girls along.

    Take care,