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Hello Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TheMD, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Hi to everyone. I have been ghosting around the forums for a month or so checking the place out and finally decided to get my act together and join.

    Im 18 years old.
    Born and bred in Sydneys inner-west.
    Bought my first bike, Suzuki VL250 Intruder, on Valentine's Day and I am already in love.
    I have been a fan of bikes for years but my folks wouldn't let me get my licence until I finished school and turned 18.

    I am, essentially, a noob when it comes to running a bike so I'll be relying on afew of the much wiser heads on this board to get me through at least the initial period.

    Looking forward to a hell of a time :beer:
  2. Welcome. That's a great Valentine's Day gift to yourself.
    You are on your P's now or still on your L's or ....?
  3. Hi MD (doc??)
    Practice, Practice, Practice (y)
    & read up on the cornering basics series!
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    Lol doc.. he's 18
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    Could be a med student!!!
    Or a dwarf!!!
  6. Welcome TheMD.

    Apparently Balamurali Ambati graduated Mt Sinai School of Medicine at 17 and became an MD. So its not impossible. :)
  7. Welcome to NR TheMd, and being in love with the bike? Hmm, you may wanna do that stuff in a dark alley lol
    You're in the right community here, we welcome all, most MIGHT be nuttier then you can imagine!! :) in all seriousness, check the new rider threads as streetmaster suggested, it takes practise, and then some, theres homebush sat morn prac sessions, pop down there to intro yourself and say hello.. you learn heaps there..
  8. Yep, get yourself out to Homebush, and welcome to Netrider :)
  9. MD = Managing Director??

  10. and Motorcycle Demon.
  11. I believe dwarves age at the same rate as normal people. Not like those midgets!

    And perhaps MD could just be my initials and I liked the way it sounded/read better than any other username I could think of? Who knows? It could be anything.
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    I do. Don't worry, your secrets safe with me ;-)