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Hello Netrider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Volityl, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Cheers for the awesome forum, I've been reading it for the last 3 or so months, finally got around to signing up!

    I live in Glebe, currently a Sydney uni student...

    I've got 2 bikes, a yammy ttr250 with motard wheels on it at the moment, only since I'm stuck in the city, I used to do dirt riding with mates on the central coast.

    I've been doing dirt riding since I was about 5, I'm nearing 21 now.

    My other bikes a yellow daytona 650 I sold my car to buy a few weeks ago :D terribly impractical but awesome decision none the less!

    Looking forward to coming to some net rider meet and greets and getting to know you guys.

    - Tim
  2. TIM-MEH!

    ....hi. :)
  3. oo, lots of Netriders have Trumpys and the Daytona is a recurring favourite....
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome :)

    Mmm, I was originally hunting for GSX but I came across the Daytona while I was looking and it was love at first sight, also it was a to good deal to pass up...

    Now my fathers become obsessed with them, he's off looking for a new motorbike now to, after having been a car man for the last 50 or so years
  5. Welcome in Tim, do join us on rides, i got 1 coming up soon at the Nasho
  6. South Park fan are we?

    Howdy Tim, welcome to the forums mate.