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Hello NetRider! New Member/Rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by theguru, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just saying g'day to everyone, I've just got my learner permit and can't wait to get a bike!.

    Been racing MX for 5years, but love riding a motorbike, and having a road bike means I can go for a ride whenever I want.

    If any of you guys see me around give us a "hey", I live in VIC, soon to purchase a cbr250rr.


  2. Hey Guru, welcome. Hope to see you on the road soon.
  3. hey!!! welcome and if you need advice on choosing a new bike there are several threads on the subject...

    oh and BTW stay safe and rubber side down.
  4. Welcome guru to the madhouse.

    Lots of info on CR250RR and Sumoto if you are inrested, just do a quick search and research
  5. Thanks guys,

    hey Rolla, says you are from Mulgrave? Im from that area too! lol can't wait to get on the road, me and a mate just got our licence and are going to ride as a casual friday night / weekend thing.
  6. hey guru, you shoulf pop down to one of the coffee nights scattered about, don't worry about no bike yet just rock and say g'day. Not a bad bunch of people to have a chat with, all have opinions which is good :LOL:
  7. Hello,

    Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay...

    And fancy that, I'm soon to sell my CBR250RR :)
  8. Yeh, sure, would be good to have a chat and get to know some riders. Beats just being a lone rider and getting ignored. Is there a topic where you guys usually meet up? I'll have to check out the VIC section for Announcements.

    Probably won't be getting a bike for another month or two, just need some money, but driving to a meet would be simple.
  9. G'day Guru.
    I'm in Mt Waverley, so if you wanna meet up for a ride when you get it, shout out. :wink:
  10. Really? You are selling a bike soon? Well if it's in the price range of $3,500 - $5,200 I'd be interested in taking a look.

    Not really ready to spend $6K + for a dealership bike. it's only my first road bike too.
  11. And this one for Vic, get yourself a Netrider membership and you to can have a nifty logo next to your post and enjoy discounts all over the place.

    Worth it I have saved about $100 so far.
  12. Sweet Deaf! Yeh, as soon as I get it, i'll be definetely up for a cruise.

    Used to be apart of a car forum, nissansilvia.com, went on cruises all the time with them, but over the car scene, into the bike scene :p

    Damn, now it's making want a bike more! lol
  13. Welcome - hope you enjoy the ride
  14. welcome to the boards... you will find all you have to do if post up the day you are going and you will find any number of riders that will join you. Me being one ;)
  15. Welcome to the Forum :biker:

    Heaps of good stuff here for riders of all riding levels.

    Hope you get a bike soon too :)

  16. IF you had a bike that is :p :p :p
  17. A bit harsh mate, :p :p :p :p
  18. :-#
  19. hey Guru, and welcome

    Melbourne is the home of Netrider and if you can't find a coffee night or a few bods for a ride in your area, you're not trying hard enough :grin:

  20. Welcome not to a "scene" but a way of life for many :grin:
    May the corners go on forever :grin: