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Hello Netrider Members!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by jaguarfanster, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, here's my first post. I thought I'd spend it introducing myself to the forum. Well perhaps I'll start with my story...

    Leaving high school in '09, I found myself flung into the world, and in a course I still enjoy, biomed at Monash Clayton. Problem was though I lived on the other end of town, Roxburgh Park, near Cragieburn in the north. That meant 55ks of travel, each way. So naturally I procured an old '98 Falcon, drove it, and fixed its many problems, during my first year. Unfortunately, keeping up with AU falcon tradition, the auto transmission bit the dust, leaving me with a repair bill greater than the market value of the car. Luckily it was still drive-able (skipped 2nd gear and went straight to 3rd though, slow as a snail) and it was useful to get to the train station, and public transport it the rest of the way. This got me through most of 2nd year uni.

    Well then the registration on my somewhat trusty car was due for a renewal, and at about $700, I didn't think it wise to pay up, given that it barely did 8-10 kms a day. So I contemplated other options. Motorcycling just happened to catch my eye.

    I started googling different makes and models of motorcycle, not knowing a single thing whatsoever. Through bikesales I stumbled upon what I thought to be absolute gold at the time. A brand new kymco ck125, at $2500 drive away, and with 2 years warranty. Brilliant, didn't have to fork out for rego, and the warranty meant my improv mechanic skills wouldn't warrant consistent testing. But. It was lacking soul. Beauty. Class. Oh and terrible resale value. The latter was probably the major reason in my shirking away from kymco.

    Another google search and I found some old netrider posts on the issue of chinese/taiwanese motorcycles. "They're crapola", and "please don't get one" seemed to be general consensus. The idea for the kymco was definitely 6 feet under at this stage. With increased netrider stalking, I mean reading, public opinion seemed to be that the Japanese offered quality and reliability, not to mention aesthetics. Sadly though most models were out of my price range. Yet I still trawled through the Honda Motorcycles wikipedia page, entering each model into the bikesales keyword box to see what they looked like. Most looked good, but most were expensive. The idea of only about 50% depreciation on a 20 year old CBR250RR seemed ridiculous. I mean my falcon cost 30,000 new and is just worth 2500 today (in working order of course). Injustice I said. (That Sumoto place is an absolute rip off)

    One motorcycle however bucked the depressing trend of high cost 250s. That bike was the Spada. Reading review after review, everyone seemed to cherish their memories of the Spada. No hassles just quality motoring. So I searched bikesales, ebay, bikepoint, and finally the humble gumtree, for weeks. Then I found a nice '88 example in bright red. I inspected it, no major mechanical issues, and finally parted with just $1900. Thrown was 12 months free ACT rego (might have to change that to VIC), and a tank of petrol. Leaving me a very happy individual.

    And that's basically it...I bought a Spada. Hmm in retrospect I could have saved a couple of hundred words if I just said that. Ahh well, thanks for letting me procrastinate on exam study.

    Anyway I am eager to actively participate in the Netrider community, and will definitely be throwing some questions your way, as I attempt to fix a few minor problems associated with such an old bike.

    Thanks for your time,


    (Thought it was pretty neat I could get my name as my handle, no ridiculous underscores, or numbers and whatnot)

    Btw this is her...
  2. Hello Des, welcome to NR. You should join Toastmasters, mate. That's an excellent ice breaker.

    Questions and interaction is good, but it's very likely that many of your questions will have already been asked, and answered, and argued over and chewed on like an old bone over the months that followed. "Search" is your friend.

    May I particularly draw your attention to the New Riders & Riding Tips section. Goldmine!
  3. LOL Toastmasters indeed.

    Welcome aboard.
  4. hey kneedragon and robsalvv

    haha yeah sorry about that mouthful, was just a bit bored and felt like typing away. Yes I did do a bit searching, stuff was a bit sketchy for me on cam chain tensioning. Plus I think theres a bit of incomplete combustion going on, with a bit of a petrol smell after 10 mins of running. Anyway I'll save that stuff for later when I get around in the next few weeks to the manual and some engine tlc.

    Thanks guys
  5. If it smells petrolly after 10 min, then I suspect the choke is not completely retracting, or more likely, the air filter is carrying more than <insert name of celebrity who is up the duff.>

    Cam chain adjustment I'm not advising on. The principal is the same on everything, but the details vary a bit. The last time I did it, I f#cked it up and broke it, and that was years ago.

    Verbosity is a virtue, as far as I'm concerned. I love the sound of my own keyboard.
  6. hmmm yeah i think the choke did have a few issues. Like when i got it home after running it a bit and tried out about half choke (just to see what it was like) it started, but then would drop its revs to 1k and then die. That seemed reasonable. But when i completely removed the choke (or brought it back to off position-is that the terminology?) the same thing happened...2 mins down to to 1k then stall, was like the choke never turned off.

    With the cam chain, I'm getting a bit of rattling/ticking (friend said it was more than other spadas with 3k price tags)...so i'm thinking either the cam chain is running slack, or less likely it needs replacement?

    And finally revving it to 6k+ does deposit a bit of carbon on my hand, so its not burning efficiently. I thought something like compression is not at its peak maybe due to the exhaust valve leaking a bit during compression/power stroke? Am I on kind of the right track with that theory?

    Hahaha verbosity can be useful....sometimes. I probably should be posting this in another forum section. sorry about that...thanks in advance for your insight
  7. Hi and welcome to NR

    If you want an armchair diagnosis you will probably do better posting in the Technical/Troubleshooting thread. You will probably attract more learned responses.

    But sounds like it is running rich. Could be choke not working probably but more probable cause is either restricted air filter (when was it last cleaned/changed?) or need for a good carby tune up.
  8. welcome to NR Desmond, as you can see already lottsa help available here about anything you wanna dream about, and even some sacry stuff you may not wanna know about lol
    but a great community to be a part of :)
  9. thanks guys...yeah ill look up detailed information in the tech section. The air filter will be my first stop in getting my bike in tip top shape...get around to it a bit later...