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Hello netrider! From geelong!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by julz, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Just got my learners! now looking for bikes! w00t! w00t! Ive been reading the forums for awhile now and they have a lot of useful stuff!
  2. Gday Julz, welcome to the biking community, where a whole new world awaits you
  3. Hiya Julz :) Welcome to NR and congrats on your Ls! :grin:

    Bike shopping is such fun! :p Enjoy! :grin:

    PS. I'm an ex-Geelong'ian :grin:
  4. Hi Julz
    Nice to see another new Geelong netrider. Welcome!! Now you have the fun bit of finding a bike. What are you looking for?

    It took me the best part of three months keeping an eye on all the 'for sales' before I found the right bike at the right price, and one that wasn't in another state!

    Anyway might see you about Geelong once you are mobile :wink:
  5. Kawasaki zzr

    My choice was easy. Being 6 foot 5 tall. The Kawasaki was the only choice for me. Those dang CBR's and ZXR's don't fit my bottom.

    Just make sure you answer the following. Will this position still be comfortable after 2 hours?

    Welcome aboard.
  6. Welcome & good luck with the bike search.

  7. Hi

    Hey Julz,

    Welcome to the awesome world of riding.

    It is great to see another girl rider - you van never have too many.

    Good luck with finding a bike?

    Stay safe and I hope you can make it to drinks session the next time we organise one.

  8. Hi and welcome to NR. Good luck with the bike shopping.