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Hello! Need help looking at first 600RR

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by foohz, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, as the title says.. I'm looking at my first 600RR and been looking for one in Melbourne, Australia. So I'm going to need some help with what to look out for when buying. What's the price range on '05 600RR in Australia? I found this particular bike but he says its an '07 but looks a bit older than that. Fairing looks unusual too as i dont think its a factory stock one so I'm a little suss on this one. Its done 22,000km and marked cheaper compare to the other bikes. Though i don't know much about 600RR so i need your advices guys!


  2. Reinstated and moved to correct forum.
  3. Looks like an 05. The 06 had a silver frame and the 07 was a different bike. It could be anything from 03 onwards with a later fairing... The early ones had black intake ducts that wew a tad different.
  4. thanks man. did a VIN check and came up with 06 and did a little more research.. apparently this colour scheme is a EUR model but the pillion seat shouldnt be red
  5. $6k usually, but the wierd plastics might be hiding something.

    Go have a look at it and check for lock wiring.

    Is the vin aussie?
  6. It's not a seat... It's a cowl. Probably off a red one at the wreckers. I'd say its first registered in 06... I'm pretty sure all the 06 built bikes had silver frames.... I know mine does and a Honda geek once told me it was an '06 thing....

    Any clues why it's wearing euro plastics?
  7. how do i check if the vin is aussie?
  8. trd2000, im going to ask him that when i check it out. what other stuff is there to look out for guys?