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Hello! My scooter is boring...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by hoony, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone!

    A few months ago I finally convinced my hubby to let me get a bike (it took me 4 years) but as a compromise I ended up with a scooter.

    I've been commuting into the city everyday since I got it, rain, hail, taxis and shine.

    Love being on a bike, but my scooter is boring. I want gears and vroom vroom :)

    I've decided it's a VTR250 for me. I can't wait! Just gotta sell my scoot first.

    Wish me luck people...
  2. Gluck.

    You'll love the vtr.
  3. Good luck hoony.
    Look in the NSW section for the learners ride 30 Sept. Scoots welcome, otherwise you have 4 weeks to get the VTR.

    another one for the VTR army....
    welcome there a great bike
  5. Good Luck hoony!!! :grin:

    Not having ridden a scooter i cant really speak from experience, however, i am sure you're making the right move.
  6. Good luck, Hoony!

    Depending on the size, sometimes the scooters are just too gutless. Having a bit more power? and the gears can give you more choice and control to get out of sticky situations. Tell your hubby that :)
  7. Good luck Hoony! :grin:
  8. Glad you realised it was smarter to buy something that more suited your needs, rather than dumping tons o money on it, like many scooter riders seem to do!
    You'll really enjoy something that is more responsive.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. they're
    good to see you haven't quite recovered from your trip ed

    luck hoon, keep the black stuff down and enjoy the pleasure of a real motorcycle :LOL: jks to all you scooter lovers i know you're out there somewhere
  10. Welcome.. yeah I'd never be happy on a scooter either.. but anyway.. good luck on getting a real bike.. but in the meantime check out


    We welcome Scooter riders too.. and yay go the Sydney girls! There are quite a few of us now and we all go to coffee!

    Hope to see you there.
  11. Thanks everyone.

    I'm doing my license test in a few weeks, then it's time to go shopping :D :D :D

    A big hello to all you military road commuters.
  12. Right I've gone and bought myself a VTR. The scooter is now for sale :grin:
  13. She did it! Congrats on your new purchase, Hoony. The VTR is a quality and fun bike :grin:
  14. Congrats hoony :applause: , how are you liking it?
  15. :LOL: hubbys plan went horribly wrong :cool: im sure he just wants you too be safe..all the best and enjoy :cool:
  16. Good luck with the new ride. The VTR really are a great bike.
  17. i heard the VTR is a great bike you'll be very happy
  18. Thanks everyone.

    Don't have the VTR yet - mid next week it'll be delivered.