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Hello + My New learner rider gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by TassieRider, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to say hello and noticed that there's a lot of topics on what gear new riders should get so I thought I would post what I got... keeping in mind that I have no experience hehe, did spend a while looking at options, researching here and trying things on though! So here goes (I'm 6'5" as well):

    Jacket - RJays Evo - Super comfortable with a zip out liner, fitted well.

    Pants - RJays Voyager II - only ones that really fit properly

    Boots - Alpine* GPS 3 (got 'em pretty cheap as they ordered them in for another bloke who then changed his mind) - very comfy, look durable and lots of protection

    Gloves - RJays Hurricane II gloves - a bit thick for my liking but lots of protection and I get very cold hands

    Helmet - Arai vector phil read replica - was all set to get a mid price helmet, tried loads on, found one that was nice, then tried on an Arai and suddenly I knew what a helmet is supposed to feel like! Needless to say I shelled out a few more bucks and bought it.

    Oh and the bike I bought is a Suzuki across, nice condition, 19000 km, new sprockets, tyres etc etc all checked out... picking it up tomorrow night!!! super excited!

    Anyway hope some of that is helpful to others!

    Hope to see you out on the roads!

  2. Welcome Dan - you are going to love the tassie roads.

    Nice choice of bike, and I am suree your thick gloves will come in handy soon - I know I froze my ass off today.

    Where in Tas are you located?
  3. Gday mate,

    Yep I think I'll appreciate the gloves!! Yeh the bike seemed good, it's probably a fraction small (like most bikes when you're tall as me) but not uncomfortable at all... it's big for a 250 and I really wanted a fuly faired sports bike, plus I got a good deal! I've heard that the pretty much go forever as well. I live in Howrah, will be doing lots of rides around the backroads to get my skills up a bit then would love to meet up with a few other tassie riders and go for sime rides around the place! I've always been into cars and loved tassie roads, I can only imagine what they're like on a bike!!


  4. get some heated hand grips. brilliant in the cold and you can wear proper gloves.
  5. I'll vote for that - in fact I would prioritise the heated grips first and the bike second and I only live in Vic :!: