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Hello Mr Aprilia, Werribee

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Hi There!

    If that was you (6.05pm tonight, cnr Doherty's and Derrimut Rds, Aprilia RS250), you're a complete tool. Enjoy your riding while it lasts.

    I think that about wraps it up.
  2. :LOL:

    Care to elaborate further Chairman.
  3. Yes... Fill us in!!
  4. dont wanna state the obvious, but he did say that ^^ :roll:
  5. What happened?
  6. Something obviously... not everything need airing though.
  7. :LOL: :LOL:
    *sigh* So many fools..and now they ride bikes too.... :LOL:
  8. Dunno what Mr Aprilia did but I know that intersection, the site of more than a couple of fatals. :(
  9. Must not have nodded...
  10. +1 the bastard..
  11. 2-strokers are a dying breed anyway
    but rs250s are too beautiful to go down with some punk-rider.

    i'm guessing speeding? oncoming-lane apexes? splitting moving traffic?
  12. doing a one handed wheelie whilst spanking his italian horsie to go faster
  13. In the very unlikely event that this rider does read the forums. It would be for his benefit to know exactly what you believe he did wrong. Otherwise you're basically just calling him a dickhead with no justification.

    I've noticed a lot of L/P platers exhibiting what I'd consider poor road behaviour lately. I think a lot of it is due to the 'hoon' ricer boys becoming more interested in this wonderful two wheeled lifestyle.
  14. and hopefully natural selection does its thing ;)
  15. I absolutely agree - and I'm happy to discuss it with him. I'll even buy him a beer and we can talk it over. If he visits Netrider, he can PM me. If not, posting an incident report won't change anything.

    And I called him a complete tool, not a dickhead. Mum taught me to be polite.
  16. You stole my sook thread template!
  17. Since this isn't a rider down thread, we can wildly speculate at whim as to what this RS250 riding tool did to make Chairman notice him.

    Chairman can rate the speculations with "getting warm" , "way cold" type response.

    I reckon the tool lane split between two side by side cars both going straight through the round about...?

  18. :shock: Shit theres a round-about @ that intersection now?
    Jesus last time I travelled along those roads they
    were no more then 1 car wide, pot holes galore.

    Bloody hell showing my age. :roll:
  19. I don't think a roundabout has sprung up recently at that intersection??
  20. Spot the deliberate error! We're speculating!!!

    Actually, it probably won't be long before there is a round about there with all the new estates opening up.

    Ok, Ok,... it's a t-intersection.

    Speculation: Chairman was heading south along derrimut road, and looking to his left over the fields could see tool head racer boy screaming along doherty's road towards the intersection. Tool boy jams on the brakes and does a huge stoppy, just manages to saves it and pull up in time, narrowly avoiding a car on the top of the tee also heading south. Then tool boy turns right into the wrong lane and decides to play chicken with the big ol delivery truck that Chairman just happened to be driving... avoiding a collision by countersteering fiercly in the last second.

    How's that?