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Hello Motard (NEW BIKE!)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nathanshnoz, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm about as excited as a fat kid with a cupcake!
    Picked up my new bike yesterday, i bought it as a Christmas present to myself. It's a DR-Z400SM. That's right, SUPER MOTARD BABY!

    Now taking into account the fact that i used to ride a 250 Cruiser........oh my god........if i loved riding on the cruiser, i have a very serious addiction now!

    The big 399cc single cylinder has plenty of pull in all the gears, the front brakes are like....well......they are very good :)

    My new baby takes corners like she was born to do it, and last time i checked, she was :p Corners can be taken at surprising speeds and the bike just soaks it all up and asks for more! The front wheel helps pull you into the corner....its just.......fcukING INCREDIBLE!

    I cannot believe that i ever considered riding anything else!

    This huge stupid grin as been transfixed on my face since 2.30pm yesterday, and i just can't get rid of it. I know going from a cruiser with no clearance to a motard with the most clearance makes a big difference, but shit, its a fun bike!

    enough of my excited ranting, below is some manufacturers pics. i wont be home till boxing day night so i will post up my real pics then. but no pictures do this bike justice, in the flesh it is quite simply, a sexy mofo!


    Oh yes, and lets not forget mine has a yoshi exhaust on it too...sounds v nice :twisted:




    I promise i will post up the real pics when i get home :)
  2. Looking forward to seeing this later on today Nath. Go the Mulletard!!! :LOL:
  3. they aren't exactly slow either! had a drag with my mate who has the same bike, it pulls away very nicely from the little vtwin 250
  4. Congrats on the new machine. Nothing like a new ride to brighten one's day.
  5. congrats, these are awesome bikes and u will have a great time :grin:
  6. congratulations, what a top self pressie have fun and enjoy
  7. Nice dude, i love motards so you get my vote.
  8. well done....now get to the MR and strart hooning :D

    also get it on the karts tracks. theese things were born for it.
  9. I went from a VSTAR 650 Custom to a 125 MadAss to a 2007 DRz400SM that I recently picked up.

    Yes you'll have a whole lot of fun and good luck getting through the 10 pages in the user manual on how to use the onboard computer!
  10. Cool bike, very seldom hear a bad word about it.

    You'll have to join the VSMR forums now for their super cheap track days.
  11. well here is a genuine pic of my new beast,

    i have already done nearly 1000k's on her in 2 days :p which includes the GOR and Black Spur (thanks kieth) :)

  12. good on you!
    Ive recently had two Husky 610 motards, Aprilia SXV 550 and now a Ducati Hypermotard.
    I'll never get another type of bike.
  13. hehe :LOL:
    Congratulations - I upgraded my 250 cruiser a few weeks ago too, and I can't keep off my new bike either!
    What a fab chrissy pressie :grin:
  14. Congrats on your new machine.
    :LOL: :LOL: You look like you're about to run over your own leg...

  15. What - no pictures of you riding it yet? Slaaack

  16. thats actually a manufacturers pic, so its not me on the bike in that one. there are some pics of me riding on the spur, but i don't have them yet.....

    now i cant ride it anymore until i get the first service..too many k's already!

    this thing gets more and more enjoyable to ride by the day...i very proudly overtook some sportsbike riders on the GOR yesterday! :p

    i'm going to need some more power...so some mods will have to be sought out
  17. I like it :cool:

    Nice work on racking up the K's, too.
  18. thanks man. i can't wait to take it on some NR rides. It looks about 100 times better in the flesh.

    the worst thing is i cant really ride it anymore until i get the first service done, better get onto that quick smart tomorrow morning!