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Hello mexicans

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by drkness, May 13, 2012.

  1. Hi all, quick intro.

    Moved from interstate to the nanny state -.- by the looks of it.
    Currently riding cbr600 and gixxer1000. Shall be looking for new riding buddies in the near future. Looks as though after some lurking this could be a place to start. So I have just completed my first post to say Hi!
  2. Hello Mexicans

    hahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha.. damn that hurts now.

  3. lol thanks
  4. Hi

    Welcome to the mad house......

    Cheers Jeremy
  5. Welcome to NR. (y)
  6. He means NutHouse :p !!!!!

    Welcome :D
  7. Hi and welcome Drkness.

    BTW, Is that you in your avatar?
  8. Did you move from Tas to the warmth of Ballarat lol.......The people on this forum are a great bunch ......Enjoy!
  9. You are only greeting the Mexicans? What about the upper states?

    Hi anyway. Enjoy
  10. You mean Nutrider!! :rofl:
    & welcome =D>
  11. nutrider? sounds painful, nuthummer?
  12. welcome,
    if your out east im always keen (if im free - which unfortunetly isnt as often as id like with the apprenticship)
  13. Hi and welcome.

    Why the two bikes? Do you do trackdays? Have you ever raced?
  14. Hi and welcome to NR
  15. What? Just the Mexicans? Don't the banana benders or the croc herders get a mention?

    Nice avatar, BTW. Welcome to NR, where all the best nuts hang out.
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  16. Hola!
    Buenas Noches.

    I'm new to this forum but figure I can say welcome all the same ;D

  17. Of course it is, would I lie to you.

    Apologies for inability to address the entire forum :D Hello to all

    Yep theres nuts here.I already know

    hello banana benders, croc herders, those in the west, the northerners, tassie-ites and aanyone else I have misse ;)

  18. Good, that's better. Now all you have to do is hang your nuts out and you'll fit right in. LOL.
  19. oh dear...