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Hello Kawasaki!!!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by rodgonzbea, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. Hello!! I thought I'd share my new venture..

    After retirement age creeping up quite rapidly to my SRX250, I managed to get some dollars together, and bought me a comfy dinosaur!!

    '91 ZZR600. Im loving it. What a difference, not gettibg wobbled in the windy highway, comfy seat, and pushing from 90 to 120 with no effort.. wow.
    I must admit.. i was scared when I first started it riding home (did the deal at work), but after a while... like it.
    See what happens.


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  2. They're a nice old thing. They do the job. Not quite up to what the latest sports 600s will do, but then I don't think that's what you were looking for. As a good general purpose mid sized bike, it think she'll serve you well. In particular, I think you'll find it a lot more stable and settled on the road. Once you get used to that, it's very hard to go back. Big bikes rock. You do need to bear in mind that from time to time the amount of force you need to apply through the bars, to get the steering response you wanted, will be much larger. It's not really a problem, just something you need to get used to. It's a bigger, heavier bike - that's all. And it can effortlessly get you to speeds that will see big legal or medical expenses, and keep you there. Again, this is not a problem, just something you need to be aware of.
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  3. . .. congrats.. :woot: ... I have one of them dinosaurs too!! Bloody great bikes eh?? ... Enjoy the ride!! :)
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  4. I put many k's up on my zzr600 and they do the job admirably, loaded up for touring or filtering the freeway don't matter to the Z.

    I read somewhere that when first released the zzr600 was the fastest production 600 on the road.
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  5. I have a dinosaur as well, and she rides a zzr600 :rofl:
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  6. I seem to remember that Jessica Alba started out in a weekly TV show that I dubbed Danger Girl, and she rode a black one of those around. My younger daughter was in primary school at the time and had a huge crush on Danger Girl and the Danger Bike. So did I just quietly ...

    I have a dragon, and she ... You've seen Shreck, right? Bad Donkey!
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  7. Congrats!
    My first big bike was a '91 ZZR600 and loved every bit of it and I'm sure you will.
    Great commuter and touring bike and you can even get it to the twisties with moderation (I did :)).
    And great introduction to the Kwaka virus, once infected there's no cure (reason why I got myself a Z750 a month ago!)
    Enjoy it!
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  8. Hello.. thanks, i am really enjoying the difference.. Why, oh why every retard in a falcon wants to take me on off the lights though... Funny thing is whith the old 250, if anyone showed the smallest indication of taking you at the lights, i'd let them go.. did not want to get run over by some idiot.. but on this.. mmmm now i have an option..

    Will take it for a service on Monday...

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  9. wait.

    is a zzr600 LAMs approved?
  10. .... I know that feeling!!..... :D
  11. ... you will keep!!....:censored:
  12. i am pretty sure it is not on the lams approved list LOL
  13. just checked nope, it is definitely not on the lams list bummer dude
  14. FUDGE!!! I guess ill be booking my ps tomorrow then...

    Its a 400 cc orificer...

    So you can ride a Ducati 550 but not the dinosaur!!!!??? thats ridonkilous...
  15. I don't know about SA, but i think the lams laws are all the same between the states (that was the point of bringing it in i believe). I checked the vicroads website for it. But here in vic, you still have to stay on a restricted lams bike until you are off your p's. most bikes over a certain power/weight ratio will be somehow restricted in their power out put so they are under the 150KW per tonne. i bet that zzr600 has no such restriction, and is over the 150kw per tonne. dude i hope i am totally wrong for your sake huh.
  16. tha's not funny man....
    All good, I just havn't come off my restrictions out of procrastination, i've been on L's for almost 2 years now..
    I guess I'll spend most of tomorrow doing paperwork.
    And just in case, i better put the 250 back together again...

    thanks, comrade.8-[
  17. After your L's, don't you have to do the advanced training course,
    which then lets you update your licence to R-Date licence,
    which you have for 12 months before gaining a full licence.

    And a R-Date licence is restricted to learners bikes, no ZZR600....
  18. OK, OK.. enough cold water.. I've had rdate for over a year now.. i know I shouldve checked... I thought i had to keep the plate on till I came off restrictions..
    Ill find out tomorrow exactly where I stand.

    Still.. the bike looks good...