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Hello just joined the forum

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by joyce1980, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Hello everybody
    just joined the forum, really new at this.

  2. Twas noticed... ;)

    Welcome on, what do you ride and who with?? This place is a madhouse, most say that as a cliche thing, but here its actually serious to a degree, and it can be quite enjoyable.

    Have a read of the forum index (i.e. the main page) and read the sub-forum descriptions, it'll give you a good idea where stuff should be posted etc. Mod's otherwise get annoyed.

    So yeah, welcome, whadya ride, wheredaya ride etc? Go to the NSW threads and have a read of the weekly meets and drop in there and meet some people.


    (the post edited is broken)(now it fukn works)
  3. Oh hi,
    I recently got my P's, i am new rider. Got my L's in late June and got my P's in mid Oct. I ride an 09 ninja 250R. I prefer country rides as compared to city rides (crazy cabbie on the road). There's more bigger roads, more curves and lesser traffic. Absolutely love ridding... i couldn't get off that thing now... LOL!
  4. Welcome to Netrider, and the joys of the road :).
  5. Hello Joyce...Im new too so dont ask me where anything is lol
    The guys here are really easy--------------------------------------------------------------------------going. :p
  6. Hi
    I'm new as well. Thought i'll join the forum to check it out. I normally go ridding on the weekends with my partner on the country roads. I am actually looking for couples who ride together to join us.
    Joyce:moped: :moped:
  7. Gday and welcome.
    How do you like your kwaka ninja.
    My first bike was the GPX250, not as sporty looking as the ninja but l loved it.
  8. Welcome Joyce, 1st rule is to show us a photo of youself so we can put a face to the name :)

    only joking ofcourse
  9. This thread is very confusing there is an identical one.......
  10. troll alert?
  11. I don't think so it's me not the OP I'm just confused.
  12. its a symptom of withdrawal, it has been awhile since you had the bike out... Maybe its putting stuff in your coffee....
  13. Welcome to NR Joyce!
  14. Hi Joyce, I'm newish here too. Tell us about your Ninja, I see a lot of them about, looks like a lot of fun to ride.
  15. Hi Ametha elf
    I'm new to this forum as well as new to ridding bikes. I only have 5 months of on road ridding experience. I started off with CBR125 got my P's on it and then got my Ninja 250R. Its alot of difference as compared to the CBR i had. Heaps easier to ride as well. Really good for learning. Everytime i ride i always learn something new. where abouts are you located?
  16. riding
    ridding is getting rid of something.
    If you want to be a rider then at least spell it correctly or there is no hope :)
  17. Geez Smee you could use some tact, id give you some of mine but i have eff all myself lol

    Sokay Joyce just make out like it was a typo, u held the d key a little hard lol
  18. Hi Joyce, I live in Brisvegas. My hubby and I ride everywhere around south east Qld. I got my licence in July 2008 and have done 16,000 klms since then, you could say I live to ride!
  19. Hi ametha
    I live in Sydney. My partner and i ride everywhere as well. I'm a new rider I've done 5 months of riding probably about 4000-5000kz. I just got my P's about a month ago. Its just too bad that you guys are in QLD if not, i think it would be fantastic to get to know you guys and we could all go out for a big ride.