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Hello Ive decided to join this forum thing

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Pagan, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Hello Ive decicded to join this new world of forums.

    my ride is a CB1300 and some members here would know me as Mr Edgelett. I have the boasting rights of having ridden with Loz and both my ride and myself have lived!

    I would like to say A big hello to everyone from coffee and to all the melbournites that came on the road trip.
  2. Welcome Pagan ( Mr Edgelett )

    You may have survived the Loz but the big question is can you survive this mad house ?
  3. Hello and welcome. :)
  4. hello and welcome to the forum thingy :LOL:
  5. Welcome to the friendly forums Mr Edgelett :newb:
  6. Welcome, welcome, Mr Hornet's Step-Father! Tash has told us all about you and your mighty 1300 Honda. If you can survive Loz, you should be able to survive Netrider :grin:
  7. Welcome Pagan,
    missed out on meeting you and Tash by that much {gestures a bee's d!ck} would have loved to meet the bling hornet too.
  8. G'day Tony! Good to see you online mate!

    How's the.... y'know... (ahem) going?

  9. Hi ya Loz the Ahem has served me well, annoying Tash as often as possible with it. She is also sitting on the couch with the book you guys gave us, i think in hopes that she can get some more out of the two fiddy!
  10. Yeah great book that, it was my dunny read for about 6 months. I'd read a chapter and then spend the next week of riding time thinking about that chapter and trying to use it and internalise it. About time I went and started again actually!
  11. Hello and welcome !!
  12. Welcome Pagan.
  13. who let this clown in here?

    Welcome babe!
  14. welcome pagan
  15. Heya Pagan!!! *waves*
  16. howdy Pagan,
    and a BIG hello right back at ya!

    lookin forward to our next ride,
    on whatever side of the border that may be.
  17. Hey welcome, enjoy the site.
  18. Welcome Pagan
  19. Thank you for the warm welcome all i look forward to many more posts with youall as time goes on.