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Hello ...... I'm Vincent ... and I'm a BIKEAHOLIC

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by VCM, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. :p Hi All ! Been lurking here a few weeks now, have just joined up and thought it best I introduce myself.
    I'm 46 yo, married with 3 kids ( 24, 21, 13 ) and a 4yo Grandson.
    Self employed and havent really ridden a bike since i was 15/16.
    Anyway having a few friends with bikes, and also a couple that own a bike shop ( Dandenong MotorCycles ) <<< free plug? , the inevitable happenned. I got my learners permit ! 1st June.
    Being a lil short ( 5'4" ) chosing a bike was a little difficult. And not being sure whether I would be riding off road or on, I chose to look at a dual purpose bike. Ended up with a Honda SL230.. just love it!
    I have only really begun venturing out on the roads the last week or so.
    Am now riding to work and my FEAR of traffic has subsided, confidence has improved.
    Anyway I just wanted to say Hi and most IMPORTANTLY ... THANK YOU !
    Why Thankyou???....
    ..... Because what little skills and confidence I have attained is mainly due to the help and advise I have found here. I have learnt more here than I thought was possible. I have also been given a sense of 'belonging' and feel like I have been welcomed into this wonderful world of two wheels by a genuinely great bunch of people.
    Thanks Again !

    Bit long-winded.. I know :p
  2. Hi VCM,

    welcome to the madness that is Netrider :)
  3. Welcome VCM.

    Good on ya for taking the plunge at 46. Most people I know from work that are in mid 40's or so are already saying " oooh i'm too old to start doing that, or i'm too old for that" :cry:
    I think BLAH!
    Age shouldn't be a barrier.

    Good luck with the licence :biker:
  4. Heh, try telling that to my 52yr old mother and father ;)

    Welcome VCM :)
  5. Hey 52 is young - and ain't it great to ride...

  6. Welcome Vincent! Getting out there and giving it a go is the best way to build confident and skills, as you're discovering. Well done :grin:
  7. Welcome aboard, and welcome to the 2 wheels brigade. :grin:

    Anything you need to know ask away my friend.. :cool:
  8. Welcome and you are right they are a great bunch I so agree. :grin:
  9. Thanks for the Welcome :grin:
    I'm sure I'm gonna feel very much 'at home ' here