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hello, im new here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NMD, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. hey guys/girls,

    i stumbled across this site from nissansilvia.com forums cause a few guys suggested selling bikes on here or whatever. i thought seeing as im getting my L's today at 4pm i thought i might sign up. ive got a 94 Cagiva Mito that ill be riding, which is currently for sale. hoping to gain some knowledge and experience joining in on some rides around newcastle/sydney area, as im from newcastle.

    hopefully you'll be nice to me

  2. Welcome and good luck with the L's
  3. Welcome, and good luck with your L's this afternoon.
  4. Nice to you, thats asking a bit much isn't. :grin:

    Anyways..... welcome.
  5. Welcome, good luck with your ells and GOOD LUCK with learning anything on THIS site, hehe :grin:
  6. the L's is the computer test. so hopefully it will be a peice of cake. ive done 2 practice tests on the RTA's website and passed them both first go.

    thanks for the luck though

  7. welcome NMD. Let us know how the Cagiva is after you get your licence, I always wanted one but never got the chance to ride one.
  8. yeah well play nice... welcome to the nut house.
  9. Welcome Brendan. We have a good group of riders coming together in Newy. Most weekends you'll find a few of us at the foreshore at the old tug berths. Come along and say hi. Also keep an eye on the NSW Events Forum as we organise regular rides. In fact there are a group of us meeting at the Workers Club in town tomorrow night. There may even be a ride tonight if Tim650 gets his new bike. Huzey is one of our newer learners and would probably appreciate the company of a fellow learner. Good luck with the test today.
  10. Hey - what's with the gender symbol? Does it mean I'm bi-sexual or just ambivalent?
  11. LPCIII:
    the bike is actually my brother's but hes in New York. so he cant really ride it at the moment. from what ive been told it handles like a dream and from my 20 sec ride around my street i can tell you that the brakes are pretty awesome, 4 pot brembo's stopping a bike that would weigh in at under 140kg at least, and the engine has got a great note to it. but ill let you know what i truely think of it soon, after i ride it properly.

    ill be keen to meet up with you for sure. every now and again ill drive through past the tugs on the weekend just to check out the cars in there. ive always seen a few bikes in there. but you can be sure that ill come and say g'day.

    as for the gender symbol...i think that the computer thinks your bi :LOL:

  12. Welcome & goodluck

    BTW the test runs on the RTA website dont fail you if you get any of the certain instant fail questions wrong. Keep that in mind.
  13. Thank God for that - I'm a bloke again. And hey - doesn't that blue arrow stick up loud and proud.... :wink:

  14. ohhhh another nisssansilvia person
  15. Welcome Brendan. All the best with your Ls :)
  16. Hello new person and welcome to the forums :)
  17. Bugger just typed up a nice greeting and this bastard thing ate it.

    Anyway welcome. Good to see another rider in Newy.
    Pop by the fore shore and say hello.
    Even come along tomorrow night if youre up for it.
    PM me if you want a mobile number to catch up and come along .

  18. welcome to the house of fun
  19. everyone, i am now officially licenced with 100% in my computer test! so i will be seeing some of you in the near future

    Den Monkey:
    ill PM you as soon as i can...i need 5 posts first. but im way keen to meet more riders and get out there and ride. me and my dad are going for a ride on sunday arvo so maybe we could meet up sunday arvo?? just a thought. if not well HSC is going to be apon me soon so probably after that or maybe one saturday arvo during.

    yes another nissansilvia person. i like imports and i like bikes. are you one of those nissansilvia people? you may notice that my nickname here is the same that i use on ns.com keeps it simple