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Hello, I'm new and from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pwbike, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. I'm just starting out and did my learners course today and passed.
    Looking forward to finding myself a motorbike and practicing my riding.

  2. Congratulations on passing the first phase of getting your licence.

    Don't hurry with your purchase; ask lots of question and get an experienced bod to look at your prospects too..
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    Grats, and welcome aboard. :)

    2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650L.
  4. Welcome. Before the official Saturday morning prompter gets in (You know who you are [MENTION=24072]goddie[/MENTION]) ;) I would say get along to Saturday Morning in Elwood and talk to other riders, sit on a few bikes. Have general fun. :)
  5. welcome to NR, oh looks like I've been beaten lol there was a good turn out this morn considering twas a chilly morn, believe some footage might be up on the sat morn thread, you can see what goes on briefly there. Good on you @cjvfr for providing the link which I dont do.
  6. Welcome to NR & to Motorbike Heaven! :)
  7. Thanks for the welcome and encouragement.
    I'd seen that thread about the Saturday morning training sessions at Elwood. Sounds like a great idea.
  8. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Saturday Practice is a brilliant idea. I only wish I had thought of it.
  9. Gidday from S.A.
  10. Update:
    Bought myself a bike yesterday, picking it up this afternoon (all going well).
    Secondhand Honda VT400 is what I've ended up with. Looking forward getting out on it.
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  11. Welcome to NR, I hope you enjoy your new ride

    I am thankfull you did :)
  12. Unfortunately the dealer failed to have the bike ready as was agreed, and failed to notify me of that fact. I had a wasted afternoon and time off work for nothing. They did give me a loan bike to get back home on, but now I have to go tomorrow and collect my own bike all over again.
  13. Hi & welcome. See you on a Sat morn prac session!!!
    Just look at it as you got an extra ride on a different bike!! (y)
  14. Sorry but I didn't. Credit to Doug and others.
  15. Well I got my bike yesterday afternoon (the Honda VT400), it has less power than the Hyosung GV650 that they loaned me, seems good though. Now for the weekend and some riding practice.
  16. I went for a proper ride today, bad weather and all.
    Melbourne to Eildon via Fraser National Park. Across the dam wall and home the other way round. Had fun.
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  17. That's a decent rided! How long was the overall trip?
    How was the Black Spur?

    I'm still working up my courage to head up that way.
    Maybe after a few Sat lessons with the boys first :)
  18. I guess it was around 300 km. I think it took me about two hours going up and a bit longer coming home. The black spur was wet as coming home, raining a lot most of the way home. Still enjoyed it though. My favourite part was through Fraser National Park, quiet road, undulating and turning, but not too tight and not too fast. Probably no need to worry about a ride like that, take your time, go at a comfortable pace for you. It'd be different in nice weather, way more cars and bikes out, but today was reasonably quiet. It was my first real road ride. Before that it's just been around the suburbs.
  19. Congrats and welcome in mate.
  20. Welcome to NR :)