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Hello, I'm MZ

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by magicziggy, May 28, 2014.

  1. I'm new to riding.
    Live in Adelaide.

    Will be riding a '96 GN 250 once I get my Ls.

    (MZ stands for Andy)

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  2. Hi Andy!
  3. Hi Andy and welcome, there is a growing group of South Australians on here. I am sure you will catch up with some of them soon.
  4. welcome Andy:]
  5. Welcome to NR , MZ !
  6. yes welcome.
  7. MZ from SA welcome to NR. Vun day vee vill rule da Vorld, well maybe not.
  8. Nice pun there , Mcsenna !
  9. nice avatar
  10. Welcome to Nutrider!
  11. ohh, another hottie ... Hi Andy [​IMG]
  12. Welcome to NR Andy
  13. Enjoy the ride mate!
  14. Nah @charlou@charlou, you're supposed to say "are you hot?" Don't worry. You'll get the hang of it. ;)
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  15. Charlou knows I'm hot.:oldman:

    Thanks for the welcome.
    Time to premium up the account so I can tapatalk methinks.8-|
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  16. Hehehe. It's like you were born to be a Nutrider! (y)
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  17. Have Ls as of today, or Tuesday to be exact which is when I'll get in to service sa. I enjoyed the instruction given at the rider safe course.
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  18. Well done !
  19. Interesting that the assessment is so short compared to the course itself. 30 seconds in total.
  20. Mmmmm , I've probably said this elsewhere but when I started 30 or so yrs ago , as I already had my full car license I just walked in to my local Motor Registry (as it was back then) , requested a motorcycle learner's permit , handed over the money and away I went . No re - taking the road rules test , no training , nothing.
    I guess at least the current system is better than nothing . At the end of the day , their objective is to impart to new rider's the basics in motorcycle control before being released onto the roads.

    The rest then comes down to the individual to gain experience and further improve their knowledge and skills.
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