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Hello...I am "the hoff"

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Hoff, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone I thought I might give myself an introduction.

    I love riding bikes and have done so for quite some years....the current steed in my garage is a YZF-R1 (09), I love the sound of the Big Bang.

    I am also a Hangmore member but am always looking for more rides \\:D/

    I am joining the Jindy trip.....and I wan't to take the good route :p
  2. hello welcome -- I cant wait for all the Hoff Jokes to start, in fact here is the first one so you feel welcome and not left out

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  3. I was wondering that too, but welcome anyway :LOL:
  4. I tried to resist I swear it --- but I gave in to the dark side instead

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  5. Welcome, best we all come & hassle the hoff!

    I really liked you in the Spongebob movie, great work!
  6. your an alcoholic and slack to your daughter :)

    welcome mate
  7. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Catch you at Jindy.
  8. Welcome mate. Rode with a few of your crew at the island and Mick James (and a girl although have forgotten her name, Sarah?) helped with the 2009 RFTH.
    Great crew.

    See ya at Jindy

  9. Would have been Sharon....that's his Wife, so was he riding his bike the 675 Triumph....with the broken exhaust tip?

    And thanks to all for that warm welcome....mostly to motolegion I am trying to print this on A1....and then frame it.....:D
  10. Oh maaaaaaaaaan I so, like you know, want the Hoff doll!

    Welcome Hoff(y)