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Hello here.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ktime70, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. extreme NOOB here, Only found the place due to researching tyres for my MC22 CBR250rr.

    Only recently got into riding, despite being 30. Always had a love of cars/boats/anything with an engine, but never got round to getting a bike licence. After my old man passed away, my brother and I both did a list of things we thought we should have done by now in our lives. On his list was buying a motorbike. So for his 25th birthday I bought him a spot on a Learners course. he talked me into coming with him, and the bug bit hard. He had just bought an Aprilia Rs125, and I stumbled across a reasonably priced CBR250RR that required a little love (still does, but pretty much cosmetic after I finish the wheel bearings tomorrow).

    Anyway, that's the how and why's i'm here, I dont think I have much to contribute, due to my newness to the whole scene at the moment, I'm willing to shut up and learn tho.

    So hello fellow netrider people!
  2. Welcome, lot of info and plenty of knowledgeable folks to help out anytime(y)
  3. Welcome to the NutHouse !!!
  4. Welcome!
    Hopefully we will get to see your 250r;)
  5. Welcome
  6. Welcome.
    And well done for taking the plunge
  7. Welcome mate , both to the site and riding ! Condolences for the loss of your Dad - I lost my Dad to cancer at about your age . It was always Mum and Dad's dream to go caravanning around Oz when Dad retired , but sadly didn't get to do it . So , my philosophy ? Get out and do as much as you can now while you can . Good luck with your riding !
  8. Cheers Goldnine, Sorry to hear about your loss as well. It certainly gives you that kick up the bum and makes you realise life is more than grinding along for a weekly pay check!

    Thanks for the welcomes everyone. I'll try to find some CBR pics from the day I dragged her home. She's not the neatest bike, but as long as she keeps starting first time every time and dragging my fat arse up to 100km/hr day after day, She'll have a place in my shed.