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Hello Hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jeffo, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Names Matt found this website about 2 months ago and reading is awesome so much info.

    Hoping to get my learners when i can get some time off work (damn public servants) and wanting to start riding as i'm going back to uni and don't need a car as the girlfriend is about to get hers.
  2. Hey...welcome to the madhouse... :grin:

    You'll get lots of good tips and advice and good laughs at some of the stuff on here :grin:
  3. welcome matt, i found the forum couple of months ago and have had a ball with all the people n here. look forward to seeing u and ur gf sometime at the milton coffee nights (i've just discovered the great bunch who hang out there on fridays).
  4. i'll hope to make it soon one day.

    Is it ok for people like me to drive a car before i get my bike to meet all you guys.

    Probably wouldn't leave with you guys though, i have a feeling the 4cyl Hyundai Scoupe wouldn't be quick enough
  5. dunno bout the others but i've only been riding six weeks and won't yet ride into the city so i took my car......they all still talked to me..... :grin:
  6. Welcome Matt!

    Hahaha, I just made a funny... Welcome mat...

    I didn't even mean that.
  7. Welcome Jeffo :grin:
  8. RATS, got beaten to the welcome mat joke too, must be slowing down.....

    Anyways, welcome, Matt. Always welcome at Netrider functions, whether you ride there or not; it's about connecting the RIDERS, not necessarily their transport (we just argue about that :LOL:).
  9. welcome mat that is a good one.

    i can honestly say i have never heard or made the connection myself.

    Funny stuff

    Well hopefully in the new year i'll make it to milton.

    I'm getting really excit4ed about riding and want to learn as much as i can.

    I've been reading the queensland transport website but i just want to know exactly what i have to do. I heard someone say that you have to have a learner riding test then wait 3 months till another riding test to get your restricted licence.
  10. Why not just go in your lunch break...? :LOL:
    I'm sure every public servant I've ever encountered has been doing anything other than their job!
    Not that I work for the government... Well not federal anyway :LOL:
    Oh... sorry "Hi n welcome"
  11. i'd would however i work out of the city and the nearest transport office is about 20mins drive away.

    I'm hopeing after christmas i'll be able to get some time off in the morning so probably january sometime if i'm lucky
  12. Welcome Noob.
  13. Welcome Matt. I'm a newbie from Brisbane to. To get your learners you have to sit for the written car learner's licence and answer 5 motorcycle specific questions (4 of which must be correct). Then you can learn to ride provided you display and L plate or wear a yellow vest with an L on the back. You must also have someone who has held their open licence (for the type of licence you are going for or higher <eg. R learners can only be taught by R licence holders. RE learners can be taught by R or RE licence holders> for a year either on the pillion seat, in the sidecar or following in another vehicle if neither of the first two are possible. Once you get your learners you can either wait 6 months and then do a Q-Safe practical assessment (ride around for a while showing you can do certain manouveres <sp?>) or you can do Q-Ride as soon as you want which is a course around 15 hours where you learn how to handle the bike and attempt to pass the manouveres and therefore your licence at the same time.
  14. :rofl:

    How many actually prefer the yellow vest?

    Welcome Jeffo.
  15. thanks Roar2Life that is exactly what i needed.

    I had a read of the ageis training site which i think is toombul.

    apparently you have to bring your own gear. but they provide some. does anyone know what they supply.