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Hello, hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by tassos, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. HAve been instructed to say Hello.

    Joined today to post Stolen Message, (see bike stolen on Monash) very prompt useful friendly responses. Thank you.

    My name is Tassos, 40 yrs old, no more b'days. Still riding my trusty ZX6r '96, 80,000 ks and the engine is still as tight as a nuns wallet. Thanks to Cosways, mechanic Elizabeth st. My wife hates getting on the back, shame huh? : )
    I teach yoga, Iyengar tradition around melbourne. Great for injuries, and awareness.

    Thanks agian
  2. Welcome,

    Sucks to hear about the ripped off bike. I hope someone manages to find it.
  3. Tassos, you will quickly find that this is THE friendly forum, and you are most welcome. I like your turn of phrase, and having just had my bike serviced this morning at 79,000 kays I can ony agree about the quality of Japanese engineering.

    Stick around and make a good place even better :grin:
  4. Welcome mate, sucks about the bike, hope the bastards get 20 years of bad karma.
  5. Welcome Tassos - hope The bike turns up.
  6. Welcome Tasso. :grin:
  7. Welcome Tassos :)

    Sorry to hear about ya bike, that sucks big time.
  8. thank you thank you. WHat a nice polite bunch of people.

    No word of the bike.

    Caz! Are you sure you know nothing?!?!

    ; p
  9. Nope, sorry mate, I wasn't out ridng in that part of town yesterday.
    I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you though :)
  10. welcome Tasso, shame you couldnt have joined under different circumstances.
    Hope it shows up soon.
  11. Welcome to the forums Tassos
    Bugger about the bike, will keep our eyes out.
    Luckily I boguth my new bike a week ago or I would start looking a bit suss ;)
    Living in the same suburb as you, if you see me on the bike, don't try knocking me off the road thinking it's the stolen one eh :grin:
  12. Huge thankyou to Tassos for helping me out; my bike got stolen Saturday (sept 2) and he posted info on here!!

    I hope someone hears or sees something; let me know.

    Model: Suzuki SV650S 2001
    Plates: BA 095
    Colour: Blue

    Brett James

    post edited to remove caps - Flipper
  13. shame about the bike. i hope it turns up soon or the thief dies preferably in that order. :(
  14. Welcome to the forums brettstar :)
    Can you pretty please type in lower case in future.
    I was being nice to you only cause the bike you are posted about is the same as mine ;) :p
    Best of luck in finding it too :)
  15. Welcome, Brett, what a pity you had to join us under such unpleasant circumstances. Never mind, Netriders have eagle eyes for bikes, so if it can be spotted, there's a good chance one of these obsessives will......
  16. Welcome! :grin: Sorry to hear about the bike dude - Karma! Its a great thing... mostly :LOL:
  17. Thats a real bumber.
    Hope someone finds it and u get it back
  18. welcome tassos.............