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Hello Hello!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by wrnsnng, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. Hey there!

    Newbie rider here, just got on my L's three weeks ago, always keen for tips and tricks regarding riding.
    I'm actually from germany but moved to sydney because of my girlfriend. Fell in love with her, in love with the country and now in love with riding as well.

    I'm on a Laro ProStreet 350. Never ridden a bike before, it's fun. My concern is that the Laro as a Cruiser wasn't the best choice for a first ever bike - from a unexperienced point of view.

    The looks are incredible - even tho i already dropped it once.


    So, yeah. Interested to see whats going on here!
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    Hello wrnsnngwrnsnng and welcome to motorcycling, Netrider and our fair country.
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  3. Welcome along
  4. thanks guys!
  5. Welcome to NR..

    The Laro is a nice bit of kit and will serve you well.

  6. How's the Laro to ride?

    I've read it's not bad but haven't ridden one, actually I don't think I've even seen one in the flesh getting around.
  7. Welcome to NR and the Land Down Under.
  8. welcome aboard :] the bike certainly looks good, what's the ride and build quality like
  9. welcome and remember we drive on the LHS of the road :sneaky:.
    great looking bike will be interested to hear your review on it as you get some K's under your belt.
  10. Welcome to the forum mate!
  11. Thanks guys!

    It's a great bike. Awesome quality. But since im so unexperienced i can't really tell if it's running good or not. It's a bit rough sometimes, especially the throttle and clutch are very sensitive. You have to find the exact friction point to actually get moving otherwise you stall it instantly.

    same with the throttle bar, there is some play with the right handlebar which makes it hard to keep a constant speed.
  12. Sounds like it may just need some tweaking to get it right.

    Perhaps someone on the forum has one of these and could give some advice.
  13. Could be yeah, but since thats the very first time i'm on a bike, i really cant tell.
    And i dont know anyone here yet with a bike to test it.
  14. Welcome to NR... And to oz land.