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Hello, Hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LalaJ, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. Just another newb. Lots of great info here. (y)

  2. Welcome Lala.
    Great to see more girls joining the mix.
    Isn't that right, fellas?
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  3. Welcome, I see you've met the regulars already.
  4. Hi Lalaj, welcome.
    How long have you been riding ? And which bike do you ride normally ?
  5. Uncle Greg, it seems we may have something in common. lol

    Thank you fin mental, we ladies need to stick together. :)

    Thank you Womble!

    Thank you Stever42. I started riding about 10 years ago. Took a crash course in Cambodia, while living there, used to go everywhere on whichever bike I could get my hands on (still never ridden a postie bike lol). I mainly ride the CBR500R, I really like it, it's schmexy. I started riding the CB125E last August, mainly to restrict myself while I got my backside into gear to get my Australian license.
  6. Welcome to the madhouse!
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  7. Welcome! Nice to meet another chick :p
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  8. shes not into chicks
  9. She doesn't have to be into chicks to appreciate them
  10. welcome to NR
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  11. Heh, yeah the way things keep going in my life with guys, I may as well go the other way!
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  12. Oh please don't encourage them lol
    here we go ... hang tight
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  13. What?!
    You ride a bike... us females being the vast minority... and you can't find any boys to play with?
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  14. OMG, wait! Guys like chicks who ride???
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  15. Prob just best to lock the thread now lol
    save the greif :)
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  16. #16 fin mental, Mar 17, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2014
    Toughen up, Princess!

    So it would seem... :angelic:
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  17. Yeah...I know right...one's mind will boggle.
  18. Fin's drunk!
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  19. Oh really?!
  20. Yeah, wanna fight about it?

    Actually I retract that, just remembered that you ride a Kwikasfuki you guys is badass.
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