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Hello hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Quattro, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I is noo :beer:

    I think I'll be mostly troubling you all about a bike trip I'm planning. I've decided it's time to leave the rain and the economic hardship here in Ireland and spend some time with my cousins Down Under!

    Many thanks

  2. Hello noo. Looking forward to seeing you down under, mate.

    We have several excellent cures for the financial hardships that afflict travellers. A well judged wager on a fast horse or dog can help your cause, but some find the hours spent filling their plastic with gold at the poker machines well spent. The famed Australian national game of Two Up is rare and hard to find in this day and age, but some questions to an Australian of the elder generation is likely to find you game. And it must be said that Australians suck at Pool. The more we drink the better we think we are, so you're sure to pick up some cash in simple social encounters at the pub. It's an easy and profitable way to make friends.

    I should confess about myself that I had the uplifting an enlightening experience one night, of having two fine and happy gentlemen get into my cab from the Brisbane Irish Club, and one of them was kind enough to complement me, to the effect that my taxi smelled just like the little wax things in the urinals of the Irish Club. Flattering, it was, and I couldn't help but return the compliment to him with enthusiasm. I explained that it warmed the cockles of me heart that a fine and distinguished gentleman like himself had noticed, because it was not only at great inconvenience but also significant personal expense that I'd imported not one but two Leprechauns to piss on the seat for him, and the fact that he'd noticed and recognised the work just made it all seen worthwhile.

    LOL. Never mind me, mate - I'm full of it. Bring your sense of humour with you and you'll be welcome where ever you go.
  3. Well sir, I know good advice when I hear it and I thank you. In gratitude, be assured that should serendipity permit me to enjoy a ride in your undoubtedly luxurious cab, you can count on the sweet cented piss of a third leprechaun, at no cost whatsoever to yourself.