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Hello hello hello!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by chani, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Hi!!

    Yep, you guessed it, I'm new, my name is Chani (like Shani not Chan-ie)

    My beautiful baby (when it feels like starting) is a Honda NSR 150 Repsol replica... A nice girls bike.

    I'm just here to hang out, I needed a new forum to chat on & bikes are my new hobby.

    I'd love some friends to go riding with & to learn from, since I've only been riding for just over a month. My bestfriend/housemate rides too... But he needs ot get off his bum & change the spark plugs.

    I just can't wait for the nicer weather so I can get out there!
  2. Gday and welcome to the forum.
  3. Welcome chani, nice to have another lady rider along to dilute the testosterone!! Enjoy!
  4. Thanks guys!
  5. Welcome, and you will find lots of really nice people hear.
    Cheers Lou
  6. I was expecting Chris and Marie from wombat gully plant farm. (only victorians would get that) Corny i know.

    Anyway, welcome aboard.
  7. Hey and welcome Chani.

    scuz my ignorance but is NZR similar to NSR?
    I mean do they both cook rice? :D
  8. g'day and welcome
  9. welcome Chani.. you'll love it hear.. lots of great advice and always fun to read the posts of these crazy cats ;)
  10. Welcome Chani see you on the road.
  11. Welcome to the forum Chani :)

    Oh... and before you buy that NSR150 you might like to google for the reliability problems many many people have had with that model.

    Generally Hondas are as reliable as one could ever wish, but it seems they may have dropped the ball with the NSR150...
  12. G'day Chani, welcome to motorcycling madness inc.

    Girls may dilute the testosterone a little, but they also send the levels sky high. :cheeky:

    And Chani, you'll go on so many rides from this forum, your housemate will think you've moved out.

  13. Welcome Chani :grin:
  14. Welcome, nice to see another new rider (like me) joining the midst :)
  15. Hi Chani, looks like we both live in the same suburb! I'll listen out for the ring a ding ding of the NSR ;)

  16. I already own it...