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hello guys

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by stealthK7, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Im dan, live out Ringwood east way, in melbourne.
    nice and close to the spur, which is my fav ride atm.
    i ride a new K7 GSXR 7fitty, and i absolultley love it.

    Pretty much stock except good tyres, as ive been doing some track days latley..

    anyway, thought id join netrider, have a look around and check out the goings on.

    thanks for having me...
  2. Welcome :).
  3. welcome.
    track days eh? jump straight in to the forums and share your knowledge.
    plenty of keen learners aspiring to do what you already do :)
  4. And some of us who should have done a few more :oops:
    Welcome to NR too :wink:
  5. Welcome Stealth.. :grin:
  6. Hey Dan.
    Welcome to Netrider!
  7. seen u posting in the threads already, but welcome anyway mate :grin:

    slap that bike o' urs in the garage so we've got something to perve on :LOL:

    im out in Upwey so i may catch up with u one day.. if i ever get a bike :(
  8. Look out for a silver/black sv1000 in the Spur, come and say hi at the park.

  9. Welcome Stealth :cool: , nice pics of your bike in the other thread btw.
  10. Welcome to NR. Nice bike :)