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Hello guys...Lurker finally decided to show up.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Quarks, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am newbie. Well not really, I registered on here in Feb of this year after getting my license and have been browsing this site extensively. I must say I was very, VERY impressed with the amount of information I have gathered on here, not only from newbie's posts but from the senior members here as well. Just wanna break my cherry and say hello to you friendly bunch of guys and gals. :)

    Well, my first bike ever is a Hyosung GT250R and I absolutely love this one to bits. Had a not so friendly encounter when my friend decided to ride it for while and in less than 10 secs, my bike was on the floor. BUGGER!! And it was less than 200kms at that time. *pulls hair* Ah well. Lesson learnt. A hard one at it. I dont mind if I drop my own bike but someone else... *slams head on keyboard* #$%^&YG^IHMKFijuhiuo90)(= :) :) :)

    I am a lurker, a shy bugger who decided to show up today, almost 10 months after registering. I will be moving out of Australia end of the month and I must say I am sad to leave this wonderful country to further my academic studies. Ah well. I had a great time here and just pop by to say hi before I go......

    Way to go guys. I have learn lots here and hope to contribute some of my experience here in the future when I am somewhere else... I hope u guys welcome me :)


    Some pics of my bike....

  2. Sweet ride. Sad to hear 'bout the drop. You can still keep in touch when you go overseas.

    Don't be a stranger now. :wink:
  3. *waves*

  4. I it's welcome and farewell in one, good luck and hope you keep riding OS.
  5. Hi Aaron! If you're going overseas to study, they have the internet there, too, you know! Stay in touch; some people here are still up when you will be over there :LOL:
  6. Yeah - stay in touch! Welcome :)