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Hello from Wollongong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Latts, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. Hi there,

    About to be a rider - should put that in very early.

    I got my Ls last week, about to buy my first, very modest bike. Im giong to be buying a CB125E. I know the limitations of it, but I want something to get me through the next 12 months and Im on a *very* tight budget. The minister for finance is already frowning before purchase, so this is a compromise ;)

    Just wanted to say hi - have stalked these forums without being a member for a while and thought I should take the plunge - Im already finding a lot of good info and a lot of friendly people. Looks like a great community.

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  2. hey! welcome to the forum and the region!

    I'm up the hill a bit towards mittagong. When you're ready to get out riding hit me up if you want some company.
  3. Welcome aboard (y)
  4. Sounds good - once I get a bit of confidence up I might just take you up on that offer.
  5. thanks!
  6. Welcome to NR..
  7. Welcome from another Wollongonger..
  8. From another fellow gong member, welcome mate.
    As trd2000 said hit me up for a ride when you got your confidence up, Im always keen on for a weekend ride.
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  9. Hey guys 2013 r1 from campbelltown just back into riding. Need help on who can tune an r1 with pipes and recommendations in south west sydney or surrounding. Thanks
  10. All the best with the bike purchase. I'm new and just got a MT07. Hope you enjoy the ride. I love the MT07 for a ride. A little scary but getting used to the ride now.


  11. welcome to Netrider and two wheels Latts! (y)
  12. Thanks all.
    Family illness has interrupted the bike purchase. Deposit has been paid and I should be finalising and getting it in a few weeks.

    I'll be back in here looking for some riding buddies when she's ready and waiting in the garage.
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    Well I picked her up yesterday, and I'm in love.

    The boss at home isnt so smitten, but I'm really pleased with my purchase.

    Once I get a bit of confidence up (dont have much at all right now) would be great to catch up with some fellow local netriders. Otherwise, for the next few weekends Im going to be doing some practise on some really quiet backstreets (found a really quiet road and a big high school carpark that doesnt get used on weekends) and do laps of an empty carpark. Im off for a few weeks over xmas so might try and spread my wings during that time if Im feeling brave.


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  14. Congrats on the purchase! Enjoy your newly found freedom and all the smiles that come with it!
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  15. Nice mate, happy to do an arvo Jamberoo / Kiama run in the next few weeks. Great road to cut your teeth on.
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  16. Congrats :) enjoy
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    Hey mate this sounds great. Have just been talking to another member on here (he escorted me on my first ride in the big bad world on the weekend) and a Jamberoo trip would be great. Maybe some time just before xmas or between xmas and new year. Could even just do something quick after work to say gday and plan something in the future.

    Would be great to get a small community together for a ride and a coffee/feed or similar.

    Just need you to accept a lowly rider like myself :) Im still learning and have many questions :)

    Where in Wollongong are you located. We're in Dapto. (Dont hold it against us!)

    As above mate - perhaps we can do a small group ride and meet and greet in the future over xmas some time.
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  18. just avoid the main roads and shopping centres in few days before xmas.. too many nutters on the road :p
    happy to join in a Jambo arvo run too :D
  19. Sweet, I'm pretty busy but I'll let u know on here when I can spare an arvo.
  20. sounds good guys. No rush we'll catch up at some point :)