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Hello from Wollongong!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sammus, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone! first post, just saying hi! I've been wanting to get a bike for a long time, and finally pulled my finger out and did something about it! I'm 27, and I've had my Ls for a week and picked up a second hand GS500 the other day. I'm mainly riding to make my commutes a little more interesting.

    I've spent probably 1.5hrs tops on the bike, plus a few hours on trails and quads when I was younger, but nothing really serious. Still being pretty unco at controlling a road bike confidently! Just a couple short rides under my belt though, and have gotten about 10x better than my first go :p

    Still shopping for protective gear: jacket, gloves, pants. Any advice welcome!

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  2. Welcome, lots of nice roads around here, and if you need any riding assistance, shoot me a message :)
  3. Welcome to NR mate :)
  4. Hey Sammus welcome(y) How do you find the GS500? There's a tidy one for sale nearby that's calling to me...

  5. Gday bloke
  6. Welcome, I have still yet to meet you hornet haha
  7. G'day mate, another GS500, plenty of them around here, very popular bike.
  8. Howdy! Yeah the GS500 is a weapon haha. I don't have anything to compare it to though, so not much point asking me :p It is the most fun I've ever had on the road, I didn't really expect any less from riding though :D

    I still can't seem to shift very well (ie consistently quickly and smoothly - I can only manage two of them at a time, at best) but am getting there!

    Thanks for the welcome, peeps!
  9. Welcome!

    Smooth shifting comes with time, if you are familiar with manual cars its easier and especially if you know rev matching from that. Either way it all comes down to practice which is a great excuse to get out there on the bike!
  10. Yep, been in a manual car for 10 years and reckon I can shift in it OK! :) bike throttle seems just slightly more touchy than my car haha, but yeah I'm sure it'll come with time!

    One thing that I can't get though is that in a car, if I'm braking hard into a corner say, not planning to stop but wanting to be in the power for when I come out, I can work the brake and accelerator at the same time to balance revs while braking and downshifting. In a bike with the front brake and throttle sharing the same hand, it seems much more difficult. Any tips? :)

    edit: hah, quick google provided plenty of tips, I never thought it would be such a popular question for some reason.
  11. two weeks of school holidays coming up, and the weather is great, I'm sure you'll see me on the road somewhere :LOL:
  12. On the school holidays im thinking of riding to the gong then albion park mac pass kangaroo valley then berry for pub lunch :) if anyone wants to join let me know :D
  13. Welcome to NR mate. Nice roads close by and an easy bike to ride. You should have a blast. Enjoy the ride.
  14. AWESOME roads up there... i havent gotten to ride them yet but hoping to this summer.

    Welcome to NR.

    first tip would be get your jacket and gloves ASAP.
  15. Let me know.. nice parma at the kangaroo valley pub mmmmm
  16. ....i could get you free food from a 5star chef from the hilton in sydney in berry...free with free drinks...hes known as my uncle hahahahah :p
  17. Sounds even better.. free food always does
  18. Hahaha depends if hes busy or not really :p he has to cater for 37 weddings this month (obviously done a few haha)
  19. Welcome to NR (y)