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Hello from Wollongong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BigMouse, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Hi NetRider. Posting up my intro.

    American living in Australia as a permanent resident. I spent about 1.5yrs riding in the US before moving here 2yrs ago. Luckily, I was able to bring my full rider license over with me. Just bought myself a 2009 Yamaha XJ6S for touring and a bit of weekend riding. It will also serve as my trasportation when my car is out of service as it's a bit of a project.

    My roommate (thatdarnweasel on here) inspired me to get back in to riding by getting his L's and a VTR250. By virtue of him buying the bike before getting his L's, I had to ride it home for him and the bug had bitten.

    I'm looking forward to getting some time on the beautiful riding roads around here, and I'm keen to join in on some organised rides here and there. Another former roommate and forum member (Spots on here) went on a Tasmania trip with a group from the forum and it looked like a blast.

  2. Hey BigMouse,
    welcome to netrider. Thatdarnweasel asked about rides around here in his intro and I made some suggestions. As you know by the area we live in we are blessed with some great roads in the gong and its surrounding areas. It's a big riding culture down here so there will be many to ride with. A great place to meet up with local riders is Bald hill at Stanwell tops. It,s like a bike show up there, especially on weekends.
    As for that bug...It has bitten us all. Enjoy your riding and the great roads we have...
  3. Welcome to another Wollongonger :)