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Hello from Wollongong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Macca_Gong, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, been trawling this place for a long time, Finally bit the bullet and decided to get some kms off my car and onto a bike.

    Never ridden motorbikes before so taking it nice and slow, nothing like my current car, A modified Ralliart Colt. Done this that and the other and its putting 133.6kw down ATW not bad for a rough tune and peak boost of 20 odd psi boost.

    But on to the real toy

    Just got a brand spanker CBR250R today.

    I wanted something nicer looking easy to ride and at $5990 ride away I couldn't refuse. Wont mod it too much as Im over 25 and wont be on restricted license for long. But do a can, fender and a few other dribs and drabs.


    Thanks for the info so far guys this place has been a god send.

    If there is any mentors in the wollongong area up for a ride I would love it. As I said Im fair new to bike so im taking it slow so far.

  2. Hey Bryden, Oak Flats here, welcome to Netrider

    Plenty of great riding roads (most of which you probably know from the car) around here, always ready for some tutoring if you like.
  3. Welcome to Netrider, Bryden! Great photo's and a terrific looking bike. :D
  4. Nice number plate on the fourby ... Speaking of which - what is it? EVO-9?
  5. neither, fwd ralliart colt 1.5l

    Thanks hornet, any local guys go out of some nice casual rides or anything around here?
  6. Which would explain why I couldn't match it up with the pics, right.
  7. damn that's a lot of power for a 1.5, congrats on the bike dude and welcome to the forums!
  8. Welcome aboard mate. Lovley looking machines you have there, you have done the right thing mate. Fast cars are great but nothing like being on 2 wheels.
  9. Pick the mods so far :D

  10. Hmmm...seat cowl's on...pillion pegs are off...that's all I can see from the photos...

    Looking good :)
  11. Hey Hornet back home a month or so from a ride down to the loop in the vic mountains and the image that sticks in my mind the most(even thou there are plenty from falls creek etc) is looking back at the top of bulli and seeing the swells roll into the gong. almost as good as newy. cya