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Hello from Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Just do it, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. I am a 39 year old female who has been riding on and off since I was 8. I have my full licence, ride a DRZ250, and am currently trying to organise test rides for a new road bike.

    Over the last 12 months I have discovered that bikeshops around Sydney have no idea how to look after customers, amazingly enough I have been looking for a new bike for over a year, however a very bad experience with the business manager named Ben at Bikebiz Granville, as well as unreturned enquiries at Procycles Hornsby, Trooper Lus garage, and Team Moto in Blacktown, I have honestly given up. You would think that a cashed up female customer looking to buy a bike would get some attention. On the contrary it seems us girls are not a valued commodity.

    Oh well, looks like I will go hire some bikes to test ride and ensure my money stays clear of the shops.

  2. There's 2 in Parramatta - I believe one is BikeBiz and another is a Honda dealer... not sure if this is the one you meant when you wrote Granville? if not you could try them? There's also the famous Fraser motorcycles in Concord - 153-165 Parramatta Road
    Concord NSW 2137 if you haven't already checked them out.
    Other than that maybe just try www.bikesales.com ? they have dealer stuff on there too =]
  3. Thank you for your reply Invalid. The Grandville store is Bikebiz BMW/Triumph, I am starting to think that maybe it is me, am I too layed back? should I become that customer who dictates time frames and calls every day. All I ask is to set up a test ride on two bikes, unfortunately there is always a reason why it can't be done, with the latest excuse from Procycles being they just had a sale on those bikes and they have nothing left, so I need to wait until the 2015 models come in, December I believe.

    The two bikes in question at the moment are BMWf800r, and Triumph Street Triple, I like them both for slightly different reasons, test riding will help me decide, however I doubt that is going to happen any time soon. If only I liked Harleys, the sales people at Harley Davidson are fantastic :)
  4. Welcome to the forum.

    Funny - I know that Team Moto had a test ride day recently where there were plenty of speed triples one could ride. Seems you were not informed. Not female so difficult to comment if the attitude to ladies are different than to males.

    I have been popping in at the local Frasers Ducati dealership in Perth so often (inspiration to save for my upgrade) that I'm on a first name basis with everyone and been invited on test rides many times. Maybe it helps if you become a 'regular' visitor that shows some serious interest?

    Anyway - good luck with the hunt.
  5. If you want to test ride at Bikebiz, PM me and I'll tell you who to see and who sent you. If they have the bikes in stock as demo's you will get a ride.
  6. Something to look forward to in the quest for a bike :depressed::banghead: as long as it doesn't end in tears - theirs not mine!!!!
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