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Hello from Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Snarls, May 11, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Complete noob here. Just picked up a new XVS650 Classic. Still practicing in my street to develop confidence before I venture back to the dealership as it seems my indicator wiring is wrong, flick it left and my right front and rear left comes on, flick it right and my rear right but front left comes on. Not very safe methinks! Other than that, love it and can't wait to master the basics and hopefully make some new pals.

    All the best! (y)

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  2. Welcome!

    Didn't the dealer / you test it before you rode it back?
    My dealer ran through everything when I picked up my bike, indicators, instrument panel, brakes.. don't recall him going through the gears though...

    In any case, if your indicators are not working as they should, best have a mate drive/ride behind you.

    Lookin' Schmick !
  3. Hi Archaeon,
    I had a friend ride it to my place from the dealership as I just wasn't confident enough in the agro traffic around here. It was a bright day, so I guess he wasn't seeing that the front indicators were reversed. Personally I think the dealership should have tested this out pre-delivery and I will phone them in the morning.

  4. Welcome snarls, when you get your confidence up feel free to join in on one of the fortnightly penrith/blue mountains area rides - what part of west Sydney are you in anyway? Nice bike btw
  5. Yeah it can be intimidating when you first hop on a bike in traffic..

    .. But fear not.. it wont be long before you pwn them.. at every light and at every turn :grin:
  6. lol thanks guys, today was better, I didn't stall it half as much! I'm working on downshifting to slow down and remembering what gear I am in.

    Hi 87crisis, I am in Penrith :)
  7. If you feel your up for it tag along with rennsport for the first run upto lithgow bud' - the long run will be tiring but it MAY help you get into the swing of things, helps having riders with you so you can ask questions and get advice on things your having trouble with...but only do it if you feel your up for it in regards to skill level and in general mentality- I say this as I understand it can be daunting doing such a large trip so early into riding

  8. Nah it wont be tiring on the cruiser.............that mountain run is great on the XVS650, all those wind gusts on the mountain top are no problem. The XVS650 should be super stable and love those longer sweeping corners.

    With the high wind and chilly conditions, a windshild on that thing would make it even better *hint* *hint* ;-)..........
  9. Hi, glad you finally found your way here mate. Awesome to have you with us.

    Did you get the indicators fixed up yet? They REALLY should've found that in the check they (should have done) do before you take the bike away.

    Here are some threads to have a look at:


    That should keep you busy for a while :D
  10. Haha thanks mate!

    Yep got the indicators fixed, took about 5 mins. Still, it forced me to ride there and back home again lol so all good in the end. I mentioned the blip in quality control in my Yamaha survey as well as the fact that I wasn't offered any extended warranty which I've since read can only be taken out at time of purchase :-s

    Rode it to Mum's yesterday and then home again so it's getting a bit easier, only stalled it once on a hill at lights lol. Thanks for the links, will get reading :)
  11. Hi Snarls welcome. Yeah it's a bit disappointing having to deal with that sort of thing on a new bike. You expect everything is going to be perfect which is what you pay for!
  12. Welcome Snarls- great to see you here! Very glad your indicators are sorted. Now you can concentrate on enjoying the ride. If you feel that you can get out for a ride with a group, I'd definitely recommend it.
    Enjoy yourself!!