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Hello from Western Suburbs Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Hey guys!

    Name is Paul, i have attended the two day learner course and passed it =] will be going for the knowledge test asap as soon as exams are out of the way.

    Been scouring your forums like a mad man to scoop out all the good stuff, will be looking for a bike soon too i like the NSR 150 SP, the Across, GPZ 250 and ZZR 250 so if anyone knows any bargains let me know! thanks

  2. Congrats & Welcome Aboard Paul !
    Pretty good choices in bikes. Just be aware that you may get bored alot sooner with the NSR150.
  3. What suburb Paul?

    I still ride an across even through i'm off my Ps and am happy to chat about bikes with new riders.
  4. Hi Paul,
    Check the Suzuki GS500F you may like it...I happen to have one for sale if you interested. Best Learner bike out there and its not a 250. Check bikesales for pics and send me a pm if u interested, but even if you not...I highly recomend u look at the 500.
  5. Hey again guys

    Im from Sunny St Marys!! =]

    To VCM, yeah i realise that too, i guess it comes down to why i want a bike..i used to have custom kitted cars with big wheels and custom paint and so on, anyway the last one was destroyed in a fire last July and since then i drove a stock standard KIA and now a very standard suzuki swift GTi (love it =]) and i think that a standard car suits me for day to day, less hassles from the police less hassles finding safe parking and in general maintenance and so on..so what i want is a bit of fun, bit of excitement that im not getting from cars anymore. Always had a thing for bikes and went to India over Jan (i'm Indian) and rode bikes and scooters came back decided i wanted one. So its more of an emotional buy if i go for the NSR which is sorta okay, it can always be sold if i get bored and depreciation isnt that bad..

    Hey Harte, if you live in toongabbie do you use the M4 alot? how does your across go on the M4? i need a bike thats stable at those speeds and will cruise happily for 20-40minutes, how does the across feel about that? I'm not too sure how the NSR would cope being a 150cc

    Andrask11, I liek the GS500F but im looking to get a bike for around 3grand so its out of the budget! thanks tho! I'll be doing some test rides asap i have the jacket i just need to get back to MCA for the helmet and gloves =]
  6. Welcome dude! I too am a fellow new rider, maybe we'll see each other around the traps.
  7. The pic in my Av i'm probably doing about 100. Its stable and has some pull until at least 140 on the flats then it starts running out of breath. I don't think i've gone past 160 or maybe 150 on it cos you need a lot of road to accellerate past that.

    I have caught up to the my mates on the M4 (and again later on the F3) without too much trouble when they merged on ahead of a truck and i had to merge on after it and got held up until I could scoot over to the T2 lane. They were all on 600-1000s but they didn't get too far ahead of me cos traffic and the speed limit kept them fairly honest.

    At 100 its pulling around 10-11k rpm in top gear and it makes peak power at around 14k rpm. You'll need to drop a couple of gears and get a run up to overtake briskly but its gonna handle it much easier than a 150cc.
  8. Hi Paulstar welcome mate :cool: I'm also from west Sydney not far from you, St. Clair to be exact. Anywayz might see you around :)
  9. Hey mate

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, i ended up with a yamaha fzr250! cant complain, hit the M4 once so far between penrith and st marys and its heaps good =]

    Tom, look out for a blue Yamaha FZR250 with R2 stickers on the back =]
  10. Got any pics?
  11. Yea i'll keep an eye out for ya, hey if your not busy this weekend come along to the HRCA ride. Look it up on the NSW ride events, some of us are meeting up in penrith.
  12. Hey Gav,

    I do and i tried to upload and even though the size was fine the resolution was not so...not yet =]
  13. I'm coming to the penrith meet up but i wont be cruising with you guys cos i have work =]
  14. slept in on the sunday! sorry guys
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